Hey everyone,
I'd like to announce that Venom will be returning this month! We had many different plans on where to take Venom. Weather to close down, sell it to someone we didn't know, let someone i know take over management or just continue how things were. In the time Venom has been down all of those have been considered but we think the best thing to do right now is just continue with how things were and make improvements where we can. Venom has a strong community and we don't want that to go to waste.

The original plans were, Mr_UFO was going to take over with my assistance in the background but unfortunately due to the change of some circumstances that can no longer be arranged. I will be still be in full ownership whilst we build a new team of skilled and professional staff members as that's what had a big impact on Venom. We didn't have role models, Peoples help requests were not being taken care of and the server wasn't being properly maintained. I honestly look forward to seeing those return to Venom as this is a turning point for the future of the server.

I owe a bit of a explanation for the quick ending of the last season. We were having large issues with our hosting company. Basically to shorten things, our hosting provider closed down with little to no notice. Due to this shitty circumstance we basically lost all of our website files as well as backup files for the server which left me at a point of not being motivated to fix things. We were lucky enough to transfer our dedicated server into my name instead of the providers name which saved us a lot of time and money. With the help of Mr_UFO and our web developer we were able to quickly get the website up again with a new theme. Just thought i owed a explanation as i seen a lot of players ask me in the past few weeks.

Heres what to expect for Map 16 of Venom PvP.


Reset Information:
Live countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#venomreturns
Reset time/Date: October 28th, 2017 @ 1PM EST (5PM GMT, 10AM PST)
Store Sale: 80% off pre-purchases, 60% off release sale.

Change log:
  • Custom Enchantments have been completely removed
  • Completely remade the GenBuckets plugin that was causing massive issues last map with Chunk Errors. You can now only place GenBuckets in your own claimed land as well as not being able to place a GenBucket when you are within 50 blocks of an enemy.
  • Updated the scoreboard to now have more useful information and look more aesthetically pleasing.
    The playerlist (also known as tab) has been updated to make it more compact and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The crop growth rates on the server have been quadrupled since last map and are now 4 times faster than they usually are,...