Hello everyone,
I'd like to personally thank all those who have joined over the past week with the new season! As most of you know a lot of things didn't change this map. This has been both a benefit and a negative, We had almost no bugs to fix on release which is fantastic but this season lacked a lot of new features which we love to release.
  • Fixed some border issues that players were having
  • Fixed the /rules link, was sending players to a broken page
  • Server optimizations, Backups shouldn't cause any server lag.
  • Restarts are now every 24 hours instead of 48.
  • Fixed a issue with cannons not shooting properly.

Staff Changes:
  • Promotions:
  • Lorigami > Mod
  • FreePremium > Snr Mod
  • Ploitering > Snr.Mod
  • ImLovin > Admin

Congrats to all the staff who received a promotion and a warm welcome to all the new staff members that have just joined the team.

Thanks Everyone!
~ Venom Staff Team​

Hey everyone!
Thought we'd try something different this map and get a promo trailer vid made to hype things up a little more. Also brings in the chance of new players joining this map as ill be getting a few youtubers to upload the trailer. Feel free to upload to your channel if you have one and receive a free key if you have more then 100 subs!

Well its that time again! We're up to map 15 now, crazy to think how many of you still return after so many years. I'd like to thank those who stick around to the end of the map and congratulate those winners of last maps ftop prizes.

Without further delay, Here is all the information you've been waiting for about next map!

Map 15

August 5th, 2017 @ 2pm EST (6PM GMT, 11AM PST)
Live countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#venomreset_oqynq

What will reset:
- The Map
- Player Balance
- Player Homes
- Inventories, Enderchests & Vaults
- McMMO Credits
- McMMO Levels
- Bans [Blacklisted Players may Appeal]

What will not reset:
- Ranks
- Tags
- Kits
- Perks
- Faction Powerboost

Claiming Corners:
In the past we've had a single faction claiming all 4 corners in the Overworld and the End. This map the following rule will be enforced for 24 hours upon reset.

Each faction will only be able to claim 1 corner.

Rules relating to "Bitch Claims" will also be enforced.
(Click to view)

Faction Top Prizes:
We've decided to raise the prizes this match to encourage more factions to go for ftop prizes!

1st) 300usd Paypal
2nd) $250 store credit
3rd) $200 store credit
4th) $150 store credit
5th) $100 store credit

  • Nether will not be accessible this map, There was no real use for it in previous seasons as water doesn't flow which makes raiding impossible
  • Removed the warp GUI, brought it back to its original state as many of you preferred it that way
  • VoidChest - This will stop the need of players having to build hundreds of double chests to sell their loot. When the chest is placed any items that go into the chest are sold for the same amount that '/sell' sells for. All money will be added into your faction balance /f money. You can purchase VoidChests from the store!
  • Farming hoppers wont be returning, The dev of the plugin basically abandoned the project after he couldn't fix the performance issues which was a huge issue last map, Also gave factions a huge sell boost which ruined the eco quite early into the map.
  • Removed pesky enchants that spawned mobs whilst pvping, Few small changes made to other enchants but all round has been improved and not as over powering.
  • Increased price of sand scaffolding. Was way too cheap last map and basically allowed small factions to build 200+ sand walls with little amounts of money.
  • You can now withdraw XP, This has been a long requested feature but was removed in the past due to duping. Has since been fixed and is working as expected. /xpbottle
  • The economy has been tweaked, We are aiming to shorten the time it takes for the economy to grow out of control. Also added sugarcane as a good source of money as it actually requires players to grind the farm and not just AFK.
  • End floor will be at 64 height instead of 12 like it was in previous seasons. Makes base building a little harder for factions instead of the end floor being dug out for them already.
  • Buffed the Raid kit as it was something that definitely needed doing, now more suitable to current cannons.
  • Enabled the use of /f money as a part of factions, This allows you to store money within your faction and can also be used for the new VoidChest feature!
  • Added infusion pick to the store, Similar to Shockwave picks it allows you to mine in a radius of 5x5. This will make base preparation simple!
As always there is more planned features that are still undergoing testing and will be released early reset. Don't forget to take advantage of the 80% off pre-release sale as it wont be around long! See you all soon

~ RoyalRaid

Hey everyone,
Apologies for my recent inactivity. I've had a pretty crappy month but im back and ready to show the community how great next map reset will be! This announcement thread is just a heads up that the end of the season will be next Sunday! You can find a live countdown here: http://itsalmo.st/#endofseason

Make sure to place all your spawners down that you might have hidden away for a better chance to win a bigger ftop prize.

1st) $300usd Paypal Transfer
2nd) $150 Store coupon
3rd) $75 Store coupon
4th) $50 Store coupon
5th) $25 Store coupon

Once end of season begins, there server will be in-accessible till the new map release. We are expecting 1-2 weeks downtime whilst we get everything perfect for everyone!

Thanks everyone for your support! Hope to see you all return soon.