Hey everyone,
Sorry to do this on such short notice but i have to deal with some personal matters. A family member is very ill so trying to spend as much time as we can with her, I ask you all to just give me a few days to deal with the matter as its very unfortunate. Please understand that my family comes first before my job and i ask you all to respect that as its not easy.

Raid event will most likely be going ahead this weekend as that will be the next thread that i post with all the details! i look forward to returning in a few days. Thank you everyone <3

~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Hey everyone,
This week we have had some major things happen. Ill start of by saying that Nikk has left us. He told me that he feels "Disrespected, Bullied and abuse by some players" which was the reason of his resignation. I wish him the best of luck for the future! Aswell as nikk leaving BMXER_30 has also resigned. He wasnt very active so it didnt really come as a suprise. On the bright side though im opening staff applications as of today, To apply just follow the format located in the staff application section of the forums.

Id also like to mention that we are working on events that will be hosted every week during the weekends. Events such as paintball, Hide and seek, FFA, Duals + more. You will be able to win prizes, Earn special tags + more. Ill keep everyone updated :)

Here are some bug fixes i have been working on:
  • Sponge is 100% fixed now, Had some issues with our custom plugin we had made.
  • Limited unban purchases to 3 per player on the store
  • Expanded the /wild radius from spawn from 1000 to 2500.
  • Fixed some typos and such in /rules
Thanks to everyone for constant support and help finding bugs!
~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Hey everyone,
Earlier today we had some issues with people being able to dupe items, Playervaults clearing and some other major bugs. After short investigation i noticed that our server SSD was full which stores not only server files but also backups. So basically anything that was being used on the server would corrupt itself, Luckily we have backups to fix things like this so we were able to rollback 4-5 hours which has fixed all these issues. We have also prevented it by investing in a backup server to store all backups elsewhere. In the meantime i have been working on a few more bugs so here is the list of stuff.

  • Combat tag is now enabled in the end
  • Sponge glitch is fixed where you could place sponge in other players territories and drain water around their bases.
  • Update /Rules, Looks a lot more fancier now, Shoutout to @harleygenesis
Thanks everyone
~ Matt | RoyalRaid