Hey everyone,
More fixes for you! here they are

  • Fixed custom tags on store, you were able to purchase them but you werent given permission to use it. Anyone that has purchased on on this map should have it now :)
  • After a lot of requests, You can now purchase in game money on the store
  • Removed strength splash potions from /shop since they cant be used anyways
  • Crate message fixes, nothing major.
  • Removed logo at warp FPS, Was causing fps lag for some people xD might move somewhere else instead
  • Fixed warp mob, pigs no longer stack and now you can actually hit the mobs there
  • Fixed quartz pillar displaying wrong block in /shop
  • After a lot of requests, Anaconda now gets 2 swords since they get 2 sets of armour already
  • Fixed golden apple price on /shop, players were getting charged $8000, not $2500
Thank you to all those that are reporting bugs! it really helps makes things run a lot smoother!
Hey guys!
Heres some more fixes for you that i have been working on!

  • Commands such as /Forums /Website / Teamspeak /Donate are now working again
  • Minor shop changes to quantities and prices
  • Currently testing out a great duels plugin, Will most likely be implemented quite soon!
  • Schematica printing has been fixed a along with a few other small nocheat fixes
  • Added stone and wooden buttons to territory protected materials
  • Max faction power is now set to 800 instead of 600
Ill keep you guys updated on any more fixes :)
~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Hey everyone,
I'd like to thank everyone who joined for the release of 9.0! We managed to peak at about 60 players which is quite a large amount!. Have a few small updates which we have worked on during the off peek to keep things running smoothly. Here it is:

  • Lava, Milk and water buckets now stack in stacks of 64 again
  • Growth rates improved as they were really slow!
  • Sponge now absorbs a radius of 3 instead of 1
  • Removed vanilla worldborders as it was causing issues with people claiming corners. Just using invisible world borders again
  • Multiple fixes to dragon eggs, Should of fixed the glitch where you would lose your flight abilities.
  • Trade is now fully functional including the ability to trade exp, money and mcmmo skill lvls
  • /who has been fixed and only displays staff now
  • We are currently bidding on a ad slot, fingers crossed we win! Auction ends tomorrow for it
Ill keep releasing these small update logs to keep you guys informed! Thanks again to everyone for your support!
Good to be back
~ Matt | RoyalRaid