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Raid Event Timer

Now I know for some of you Timezones and all can be tricky so the staff team has decided to put out a timer so you all know when it is and don't get confused. Best of luck to everyone and May the odds be ever in your favor!

LINK: http://itsalmo.st/#venompvpsraidevent

Here is the link to the Orginal Thread

LINK: http://venompvp.org/threads/lets-try-this-raid-event-again.147/
Hey there venom community! I thought i'd remind you that there is an event tomorrow!

View the thread here: http://venompvp.org/threads/lets-try-this-raid-event-again.147/
Hey everyone,
Has most of you noticed we had issues were i was locked out of console and had to wait for my sys admin to come online and manually reset it. The server was down for a few hours due to this and i apologise! But on the bright side the server is back on the west coasat again. Aus players should now have a better connection then before!
Again, i apologise for the downtime and will renew the 70% off sale for a few days!
Thanks everyone <3

~ Matt | RoyalRaid