Hey everyone!
I'd like to personally thank those who still continue to vote daily! Below are the winners of June, we had equal first place so technically there is 6 winners this month!

June Top Voters:

1st) MCFudge & InterFearing ($30 store credit)
2nd) Happend ($25 store credit)
3rd) JFinofilipino ($20 store credit)
4th) WildCobra ($15 store credit)
5th) vloen ($10 store credit)

To claim your reward please speak to one of the following @13Bit @Mr_UFO @RoyalRaid
Thanks everyone!
Important Information
Date: Saturday, June 17th
Time: 4PM Eastern Time
Countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#pvptournament

About the PvP Tournament
Welcome to Venom's second event for this map! It was decided in favor that this time around would be a PvP based event. We wanted it to be team based so what better way to do it then host a 2v2 PvP Tournament. This has been long requested and its finally here! All necessary information can be found below!

All gear is provided.

How To Enter
To enter the competition please post down in the comments below the following format with your information.
Team Name:
Your IGN:
Your team Member's IGN:

Additional Information

  • Teams can only be made up of two players
  • You can not use alts to participate twice in the event!
  • To enter the arena lobby type /event from the faction server!
  • You will be allowed to spectate battles from the top of the arena
  • Staff will teleport teams into the battle grounds before the event.
  • Staff will be spectating players, Any form of hacked client will get you banned!
1st) $25 Store Credit for each team member
2nd) $15 Store Credit for each team member
3rd) $10 Store Credit for each team member
Prizes can be redeemed by @RoyalRaid @Mr_UFO @13Bit

1st) Dangles4Days & EpidemicDazzle
2nd) Cloudful & xScrubYT
3rd) Happened & Letha1Rage

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone's week has been going well. I'd like to start off this weeks update information on the Website downtime. Earlier in the week we had some downtime on the forums which was due to us moving to Cloudflare to give the site a extra layer of security. This also effected the server's DNS which left some people without a connection to the server. Everything has since been resolved. On the bright side the forums got a refresh with a brand new theme! You are able to switch between the old and new theme located the "styles" tab at the bottom of the page. This week there wasn't too many bugs found but here's a list of things that did get worked on:
  • Implemented Sand Scaffolding to replace sand gen buckets as they're much more efficient!
  • Blast enchant was disabled due to the drops in TPS it caused, Alternative is currently being seeked.
  • Fixed Voting giving the wrong key when you win the Epic Key.
  • New website theme!
  • Server had crashing issues over the weekend, have since been found and resolved.
  • General Plugin updates.
  • Hopper transfer amount increased.
  • Entity optimizations to reduce sudden TPS loss out of nowhere.
  • Double vote rewards has finished. Will return again soon!
  • Fixed Hologram in spawn showing wrong world borders xD
  • Farming hoppers re-enabled for testing, Can't be certain on how long they will be active
As mentioned above this week there wasn't a huge update but keep a eye out of the Event thread later in the week. Thanks everyone for your support as always!
Please report all bugs and post any suggestions you may have in the appropriate forum sections!

~ Venom Staff Team​
All you need to know about this weeks updates!...