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Important Rollback -
I hate writing these posts because i feel like i've failed, but unfortunately we had some server complications just now. For some reason our plugins directory was moved elsewhere in our server location which forced things to start over writing themselves. We tried to salvage what we could but it caused more issues whilst corrupting player save files. As always we can thank our backup server which has saved us drastically. Backups are made every 3 hours which has saved us in this situation.

There has been no rollback on the map so any build changes you did will still be there, but we had no choice but to rollback plugins from 5h ago. Any changes such as faction claims, Sethomes, Auctionhouse, basically anything plugin related will be rolled back.

If you have any further issues please let me know and ill do my best to help!
This shouldn't effect anyone, only those who were on in the last 5 hours.

I sincerely do apologize as things like this on Venom don't happen often as much as some servers. It was just lucky we found the issue out now instead of 12 hours from now where things could of been a lot worse.

~ RoyalRaid
Hey everyone,
Im trying to get rough numbers of who will be participating in this weekends raid event. If you will be joining please post down in the comments.


Thanks everyone :)
Hey everyone!
This is quite a important update log so i suggest you take the time to read through the whole thing, There is quite a lot of significant changes and a lot of bug fixes! I'll separate this thread into 3 sections, the first part i would like to address Pumpkin farms, in the second section ill talk about this weekends Raid Event away then the third section will be the change log!

Pumpkin Farms:
For those who are familiar with pumpkin farms they will know how much it impacts server performance, It can dip a server's TPS to quite low if a whole heap of players start to build bud farms. Bud farms are essentially automatic farms that use pistons and redstone to automatic harvest the pumpkin. During this procedure farms can start to grow quite large and it only starts to impact the server more and more, this was a issue on skyblock last map but since making it against the rules to create bud farms we have had a stable 20TPS since and it has definitely showed improvements in overall server health. From this point on bud farms will be against the rules for Factions, we want to focus people more towards grinding and cactus farming as they don't effect the server as much as pumpkin farms. Now I know what some of you are saying right now "We can't build big cactus farms without fly!!", XP-Fly is implemented into this update for everyone, read more info in the change log! It's suggested you remove your farms or it will be done by a staff member in coming days!

Raid Event:
The way this raid event is going to work is by having a base that is 25 chunks long, everyone will be cannoning into the same base which is going to include a total of three floors.

The three floors is going to be what judges the prize.
Floor One Y: 20...​