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What to know about upcoming features to venom!

Hey everyone!
I want to start this post by showing my support in the growth of the community. Ads over the last 2-3 months have definitely helped playerbase numbers and its really showing. Some may feel that this reset came way too late but most of you were use to map resets every month before I took over ownership and I feel like that just wasn't necessary. I wanted to try and make this one last a little longer so you had time to at least enjoy the map instead of worrying about when it was going to reset next.

Im glad to announce that we will have another ad starting on the same day as reset, This will hopefully give the chance for newer players to get things like corner claims and get ahead of the pack like everyone else.

Please keep in mind that Skyblock will also be resetting! We have had many issues but it was to be expected being our first time releasing a skyblock server. We have taken issues into account and will try to fix them for next map.

F TOP WINNERS & Top Island winners
The top players of each server will be announced the day before reset so get going as you will earn you yourself some big store vouchers for you and your faction or skyblock members! Keep in mind that the coupon will be given to the leader of the top faction and top island, it's up to the leaders to choose how they want to divide it

Faction prizes up for grabs:
/ftop winner:
/baltop winner: $50

Skyblock prizes up for grabs:
/is top winner:
/baltop winner: $50


When will factions map reset be?

Map reset will go live on December 8th @ 5pm EST
There is a live countdown you can view @ http://itsalmo.st/#venomreset_pikhl
Hey everyone,
About time i did one of these posts on time :) This months voters were very close and resulted in second place becoming a tie, this means both of those people will earn the same amount and it will be 4 people instead of 3 listed. Also have some more good news, We won another ad for December, We originally won 9th spot but 2 other servers didnt pay so we jumped 2 spots to 7th. This will definatly help increase the playerbase espeically over the christmas break time. We have a lot planned for december so get hyped! Here are the vote top winners:


Here are the top 3 winners
1st place - $35 store credit
2nd place - $25 store credit
3rd place - $15 store credit!

Thanks everyone
~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Happy voting!

Hey everyone!
As you know i haven't been around this past week or so, I try not to involve my personal life with my work life but unfortunately my great grandma passed away which made things quite difficult trying to manage both personal and work life. I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words for those who i've spoken to already and to all the staff team for keeping things under control while i was absent. Im not back in full position and there is some big things coming. We have another 2 week ad slot starting on the 8th of November, We will also be bidding on a second ad so we may even have 2 running at once. There is plans of a new hub coming as well and perhaps a new gamemode in the future. Things are going to start progressing quite fast! Sorry for the overdue update log but here is just a list i've compiled with some updates for factions and skyblock!
Thanks everyone <3
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Venom now has a official Discord server!
Join Link - https://discord.gg/uNRtac4


  • FTop; Player balances dont count towards factions value anymore, Added spider and cave spider spawners to values
  • RAM; Factions is now running on 16gb ram instead of 8gb now, Should feel a bit smoother!
  • VenomPerks; Patched a bug where...