Many of you have requested this, so i've decided to add it to the server! The long awaited [item] feature!

Its a way to show the server what item you are trying to sell or giveaway within chat! The item has a text displayed when you hover over it. Commonly seen on some popular servers!!
Use [item] in order to do this.

All donor ranks now has this feature.

Congratulations to the brand new trials that are apart of our magnificent team!

New Trial Moderators:
  • Paige_leee
  • _Ninga_
  • Otw_
  • shadowbae_
  • harleygenesis
Staff promotions:
  • Kyouma -> Moderator
  • _Psychopath_ (Lorigami) -> Moderator
Staff demotions:

We would like to say goodbye to @_WolvezPvP_ as he has left our team due to inactivity, all the best in your future endeavours.

// Staff Applications are now CLOSED //
Hey there all! We now have a discord server, which you all can join! If you don't know what Discord is, it is like skype.. but newer and waaay better! We can host voice servers & multiple text channels, which we can use to:
  • Handle direct support to players
  • Talk to the community (in the general discussion / off-topic)
  • Talk to the staff (Staff chat).
  • and more!
We will eventually remove our teamspeak, as we will no longer need it, as it is old and outdated. Plus, we will save some extra money by not having the teamspeak server.

Download Discord:

Join us with this link!:

You can also view in-game chat from inside our discord server!