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Important Server is down
The server went down today after we used the /restart command when making some small changes. We are doing our best to get it up but it may take a few hours. We will update this thread when we have something new to tell you about the current situation.

We apologize for the downtime and it will be back up ASAP.

Thanks for your patience,

Critical Ivy's victims
If you were banned or muted please comment below and i will unban/unmute you

~Sorry for the inconvenience.
For those who may know.. we made a boo-boo on our last attempt for the raid event. Weeeellll... this time, i've made sure everything is 100% working, there shouldn't be any problems with it as well, because I have some testers! Please read on for when the event will be held:

[EDIT] Thanks to the help of @3kg and @SplittingBases - we have fully tested this event base, and there should be no errors whatsoever! :D

This is a repost of the original thread on our old forums (click here).

The Event
Okay, so I will create a base using worldedit, and I will release the coordinates of this base to all once the countdown timer on the website is over! The first team to break through the walls and press the button wins! Once the button is pressed, it will send me a /mail telling me who the person that clicked the button was, and it will broadcast the winner. It will also remove the button. (players won't be able to replace the button). All powered by command blocks! :eek:

The base will be protected by 30 walls, and the wall that is closest to the base, will be made out of obsidian. To make it even harder, the base itself will be made out of bedrock (BUT! - read before you rage post) there will be 'vulnerable' spots into this base, which will be made out of obsidian.

[Thoughts on this? - I might remove it if it is disliked] - The point of this, is to hide the vulnerabilities to make it harder to find the targetable spots! (one wall will have no targetable spots.. so you will want to check ;))

This is what the vulnerabilities will look like, except they will obviously be more spread out, and much, much bigger.

They will be hidden behind the walls like this;

So you will...