Everything you need to know about Venom PvP 9.0


When will 9.0 launch?

Venom 9.0 will go live on July 30th @ 7pm EST
There is a live countdown you can view @ http://itsalmo.st/#venom_9

Brief introduction about venom 9.0
Im very proud to announce that venom 9.0 will be releasing next weekend! As you may all know from the last post i was absent for about 1-2 months due to some other commitments but im back and more then ready to take on the role! Id like to personally thank Nikk for all the hard work he has put into 8.0 to keep it going for you guys! Its pretty obvious that the playerbase is slowly dropping and we have plans to help bring back some old players as well as new ones into the community. I've gathered some feedback from you guys to help make venom what the community wants it to be!
I highly encourage everyone, even those who haven't been around for while to come on for the launch to see what venom has to offer!


  • Nikk has completely re-written the "VenomCore" plugin to make it much more stable. This plugin has been around for a long time in the venom community and was custom coded just for venom to support features like /creeper /tnt and a lot of other features!
  • Venom will now support client joins on 1.9 and 1.10. The server will still be ran off 1.8 but will also allow people to join on those clients
  • Awesome new trade feature which allow you to not only trade items with other players but also money, xp and mcmmo skills. Use /Trade <player>
  • We have removed all custom enchants as this was highly requested. We hope to bring back some more vanilla feel back to factions by doing so!
  • Major work has been done to our custom "Dragons" plugin. Fixed the combat tag fly bug which allowed players to fly away in combat, Added speed I enchant to the effects & major improvements to the code
  • The end will be enabled in 9.0! This was highly requested feature. There will be a bedrock floor placed at the bottom of the world (y:0). The world border will only be small being only a 2000 block radius from main island.
  • New unique feature! We'd like to introduce 'Kings of the warzone'. The main goal of the plugin is to help get people in warzone pvping for some special perks. Once every 4 hours a faction will get to press the button. The first one to press it gives their whole faction a speed, Strength and resistance potion boost for the 4 hours until its claimable again. Preview here: http://puu.sh/qcwf2/d17f0a49f2.jpg
  • Introducing 'VenomProfanity' another new plugin to help cleanse some of that toxic talk in chat. Players will now be punished when saying things like "I Love You bb"
  • A new donator perk was added, This will come in handy for those who like to pvp, You will be notified via a title msg to say that a piece of your armour is broken, as seen here: http://puu.sh/qcIoN/48f5361402.jpg
  • New ban plugin, This one is much more stable and less buggy. Also allows us to setup nice looking ban messages to tell people where to appeal and who banned them.
  • We have brought some original feel for the OG venom players, We decided to use a spawn that wasn't used on venom very long. Not 100% sure but i think it was from 3.0 or 4.0. Either one but it is a real good looking spawn with an amazing warzone. All the chunks will be pre-loaded to ensure that there is no lag on release.
  • New server hardware, Offers a whole lot better protection, may compromise some ping, or make it better (depending on your location)

This post will most likely change over the next few days so do keep that in mind as there may be things that we forgot to put, or last minute decisions that we made. I look forward to seeing you all at the release of venom 9.0. Venom 8.0 will be shutoff sometime during the week while we cross everything over and begin beta testing with staff!

  • Regular players will now get twice the max power, but will also lose double the power on death. Meaning normal players will get 20 max power but lose 4 on death instead of 2.
  • Added a cool way to sell your items to the shop. Type /sell and it will open a GUI. Drag the items you want to sell into the GUI and close it, You will recieve the money for those items and the items that cant be sold will be returned to you. Or simply click the bedrock item in the GUI to sell all the items in your INV for quick sales
  • Made some small shop changes to raiding gear and Obsidian prices
  • Added spawners and some blocks to f top value
  • Double voting rewards for first 24 hours of reset!
Hey guys,
In this post id like to cover two things, my absence from the server and whats happening with venom. To start off, I had started my own project up about 2 months ago which involved me flying in and out of state meeting with suppliers and such as i do own my own separate company to venom. While i was doing that Nikk pretty much took over as the owner role for the time being. I'd like to thank him for all his work in maintaining the server while i was gone. I'm happy to say that I'm back and ready to get back into things, Running my own company on the side gives me flexible work hours which leaves me plenty of time to work on venom in my spare time like i usually would.

The second thing i wanted to talk about is whats happening with venom. Ill start it off by saying venom 9.0 is just around the corner. Over the last few days i have mainly focused on getting the store back to functioning state as we were compromised. Everything is working again and there is currently a 60% off flash sale to celebrate. The date we had planned was next Saturday at 7pm est time. its not 100% confirmed yet but be ready! Bringing back the old feel of venom with one of venom's unique spawns. New perks, updated kits, Major updates and better server protection.

We are currently looking at ad options, Still a bit off budget but its gonna be worth the wait. I'm glad to be back in the owner position, as for nikk he will remain as head admin and dedicated developer to provide you guys with unique coded plugins! Get hyped, its gonna be a big release!

~ RoyalRaid | Matt
New staff:
  • xAngelette
  • InfernalNova_
  • TheSilentPlayz
  • Mr_UFO
Staff promotions:
  • Kyouma (was mod) Trial -> Snr mod
  • Paige_leee Trial -> Mod
  • HarleyGenesis Trial -> Mod
  • NingaBae Trial -> Mod
  • ShadowBae Trial -> Mod
Congratulations guys ;D <3

Oh, also. Rip Lorigami, she quit.