I have fixed the fire resistance potions, the custom enchants plugin was interfering with them, causing them to not work. Apologies for this troublesome issue, as many of you complained. It has been fixed, so worry no more!
Hey everyone,
I apologise for my absense. Some personal issues have come up which i had to attend to. Managed to fix some things today/ Heres what i did

  • Link 4 for voting is now fixed
  • Obsidian Destroyer is fixed!
  • /f show <faction> was displaying wrong balance, now displays faction balance not player
  • A lot of players powerboosts have been returned. If you're still waiting comment below
  • Fire resistance potions should be working again
  • Piston block at spawn has been replaced since it was causing "kicked for flying" related issues
  • More work has been done on Loot crate drops, will be released this weekend
  • Some investigation is being done to conver currently mcmmo credit balance to bring back /credits send feature. Hopefully will be fixed this weekend.
  • /Duel plugin is currently being test, Should'nt be far away either
If you are missing your power boost please comment below. Matt will try his best to get back to you and add your power boost. Please be patient while you wait for your power boost and please only make one post.

- Thank You for your patience