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Important Broken homes

It has come to the staff teams attention that some players homes are not working correctly or are still not fixed. If you are having problems getting to any of your homes please PM @RoyalRaid or @PurrfectMistake_ they can help you with your issues once they log-on.

Make sure that you are doing the following before you PM @RoyalRaid Raid or @PurrfectMistake_

  • You are standing on a full block, not in water, standing on a slab or anything that doesn't count as a full block.
  • Make sure that you are out of combat before accessing your homes. (This is probably not the case)
If your home you placed is not on a full block you may not be able to get to it as well. If that is the case then please PM @RoyalRaid or @PurrfectMistake_

Again thanks everyone for your patience with this problem.

If you have any further questions please post them below.

Unfortunately, this event was a bust and there was a problem with the base claiming, which I take responsibility for. This was my first time making an event this big.​

Nevertheless, in a way... the event was a success. Lots of pvping, lots of cannoning and lots of participation! There will be another event held next weekend, and I will think of every possible exploit that you players could make, and I will fix them!

I was told to do the right thing and remove all loot, and prizes from those who managed the cheat the sytem and get through the base illegitimately, which I think is fair. (read the convo here).

Either way, you live and learn. Next time these problems will not occur, I understand that some players may be upset over this, but as I said earlier.. I take full responsibility. Majority of the loot was recovered and the prizes were not given out.
Important New staff members
Hey everyone!
As most of you know we are in need of staff members, When the new website released we opened the staff application position for 3 new trail mods. I have promoted all the current trial mods as they have progressed through the "trial" period! Staff applications will reopen sometime in may so if you missed your chance this time, try again in may! Thank you everyone who applied!

New Trial Mods
> Kyouma_
> Lorigami
> MissingYou

Thanks everyone for your support!
~ Matt | RoyalRaid