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The staff team are incredibly sorry for the recent "Your Account Has Been Suspended" notice, This was an error with the forums and with XenForo & has been fixed by Nikk!

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Wolvez | Moderator
Hey everyone!
Id like to thank everyone for continuing to vote every single day, at the end of each month the top voters of the server receive coupons for the store! here are the April winners!

Benkiross - 99 Votes - $35 store voucher
POTIFY - 88 Votes - $25 store voucher
Hapille - 85 Votes - $15 store voucher

Congratulations to the april winners! Votes have now been reset so get voting for your chance to get some coupons! To those who won this time around please private msg me on skype or the forums to redeem your coupon

Thank you everyone <3
~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Important Issues on venom
Hey everyone,
I apologise for my absence this weekend on venom, as some of our Aussie players know it was a long weekend this week and i decided to go visit my family along with my grandma who isn't in the best of shape, but im back home now. As the title says i got home to a lot of msgs, mostly relating to Venom's staff members and some believe it is to blame for the decrease in players. Im asking you guys as a owner to let me know below what you're having a issue with, weather it be a staff member or something else just comment below. Its more then likely that staff will be having a meeting to overlook what we do as a team and how we can improve.

Thank you everyone <3
~ Matt | RoyalRaid

EDIT: btw the ad fund is coming along quite nicely. Expect some playerbase increase soon!