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The /tnt command has been removed from all donor ranks until this bug has been fixed. It would appear that tnt would craft normally if you had gun powder and regular sand..

But for some reason, if you used red sand instead of regular sand, it would not take any gunpowder whatsoever. EZPZ TnT?

No.. We have caught onto this bug before it was abused. Thank you to the person who alerted me of this bug, (They asked to keep themselves anonymous), but you know who you are, and I will certainly set you up with some sort of reward over the next couple of days!
The event winner was ImmunePvP, which means the following rewards will be sent out shortly:

  • $25,000 in-game money [For all faction members]
  • $200,000 in-game money [For the player that presses the button]
  • A limited edition RAIDER tag [For all faction members]
  • All the loot that lies inside the chests that are in the base. [The player/s that get into the base, get to raid it]
  • +100 Faction power boost [goes to the FACTION not the individual player...]
  • permission for the /fly command (for the player that pressed the button first)
The event is starting earlier than expected (1 hour), because I found out I found out i need to go out for a bit.
Anyway! Here are the event details:

(you can view the original thread here: http://venompvp.org/threads/lets-try-this-raid-event-again.147/)

x = -5206

y = 255

z = -9259

the event base is protected by 30 walls, including 1 regen wall.

Lets hope there are no issues this time. There shouldn't be, we tested it :) - May the best faction win!