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The event winner was ImmunePvP, which means the following rewards will be sent out shortly:

  • $25,000 in-game money [For all faction members]
  • $200,000 in-game money [For the player that presses the button]
  • A limited edition RAIDER tag [For all faction members]
  • All the loot that lies inside the chests that are in the base. [The player/s that get into the base, get to raid it]
  • +100 Faction power boost [goes to the FACTION not the individual player...]
  • permission for the /fly command (for the player that pressed the button first)
The event is starting earlier than expected (1 hour), because I found out I found out i need to go out for a bit.
Anyway! Here are the event details:

(you can view the original thread here: http://venompvp.org/threads/lets-try-this-raid-event-again.147/)

x = -5206

y = 255

z = -9259

the event base is protected by 30 walls, including 1 regen wall.

Lets hope there are no issues this time. There shouldn't be, we tested it :) - May the best faction win!
Raid Event Timer

Now I know for some of you Timezones and all can be tricky so the staff team has decided to put out a timer so you all know when it is and don't get confused. Best of luck to everyone and May the odds be ever in your favor!

LINK: http://itsalmo.st/#venompvpsraidevent

Here is the link to the Orginal Thread

LINK: http://venompvp.org/threads/lets-try-this-raid-event-again.147/