As some of you know Teamspeak has been down for a while. So as of that, the Staff Team would like to inform you that the TeamSpeak is back up and running. If you have any questions or are having issues please say so below. Again we are sorry for the inconvenience and will try to keep it up and running for all of you that use it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

~ The Staff Team
Hey everyone,
I understand that a lot of things went wrong in Venom 7.0, a major issue being the rank and power boost loss. I can assure you that it wont be a issue in Venom 8.0. I have backups stored of player data which will result in NO loss of tags, perks such as /fly and of course ranks. To help release the new update/map reset ill be implementing new features such as war zone loot crate drops that will drop every few hours in random locations of war zone as well as a custom duel plugin which will allow simple 1v1's to occur. A lot of bug fixes will be taken care of and some economy changes. Ill be buffing donor ranks to make them more worth the money as well as buffing things like vote prizes and crates. I have put some questions and answers below but if you have any other questions please leave them in the comment section!

Q: What will be reset?
  • Map
  • Kill stats
  • McMMo
  • Player vaults
  • Inventories
  • Enderchests
  • Player balances
  • Faction data
Q: What changes can we expect to see?
  • New spawn
  • Economy changes
  • New custom features such as loot crate drops and duels
  • Heap of bug fixes
  • Some small custom enchants - not OP or game changing, more info on them coming soon
  • PvP performance has been greatly improved and is a lot smoother again
  • Smaller faction cap
  • Smaller kit cooldown
  • Crate and voting buffed
  • + much more - Full release notes will be posted on release day!
Q: When will Venom 8.0 be released?
A: The map reset will be launched on the 14th of May. For times i have included all in a spoiler
Los Angeles (US) - 14th May @ 4pm

New York (US) - 14th May @ 7pm

London (UK) - 15th May @ 12am

Europe (EU) - 15th May @ 1am - 3am

Perth (AU) - 15th May @ 7am

Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney (AU) - 15th May @ 9am

Q: Will the bans be reset?
A: Yes, Bans will be reset as long as you dont have any charge backs on your account!

Q: Will there be a ad this time?
A: Unfortunately we still cant afford any ads. Budget has been tight and with the summer periods coming up ads are becoming even more expensive. We should see a lot of growth though without and ads over the summer break. Once we have enough in the ad funds i wont hesitate to start bidding!

Q: What kind of map changes are there?
A: The map will feature a much smaller war zone around spawn to help encourage spawn bases for this map. The border will be set to 7500x7500 instead of 10k x 10k.

Q: I have a rank, what will happen with that?
A: All ranks will remain on your account! They will not need to be returned by a staff member this map!

Q: Will there be any downtime from now to when the map resets?

A: All the work for venom 8.0 is being done on a a seperate server to reduce downtime! There may be a few hours downtime just before we release the new update so we can transition smoothly

Q: Will we be seeing any new staff members?
A: Indeed you will be! We plan on hiring within the first week of the release! I plan to work more on staff communication as staffing has been a real big issue lately!

Q: Will there be any changes or additions to the donation store?
A: I plan on adding some extra things like custom tags where you can choose what you want as a tag, it will cost a lot extra but will be well worth it! I also plan on buffing the ranks and adding some extra kits to the store!

Thanks everyone <3
~ Matt | RoyalRaid