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The Event
Okay, so I will create a base using worldedit, and I will release the coordinates of this base to all once the countdown timer on the website is over! The first team to break through the walls and press the button wins! Once the button is pressed, it will send me a /mail telling me who the person that clicked the button was, and it will broadcast the winner. It will also remove the button. (players won't be able to replace the button). All powered by command blocks! :eek:

The base will be protected by 30 walls, and the wall that is closest to the base, will be made out of obsidian. To make it even harder, the base itself will be made out of bedrock (BUT! - read before you rage post) there will be 'vulnerable' spots into this base, which will be made out of obsidian.

[Thoughts on this? - I might remove it if it is disliked] - The point of this, is to hide the vulnerabilities to make it harder to find the targetable spots! (one wall will have no targetable spots.. so you will want to check ;))

This is what the vulnerabilities will look like, except they will obviously be more spread out, and much, much bigger.

They will be hidden behind the walls like this;

So you will have to go up to the base itself, and inspect! :D
Example (mini) design:

Event Time:
  • The event will happen on the 16th of April, 5pm -07:00 GMT (Los Angeles) time.

  • No Glitching in the base (that's literally it)

  • $25,000 in-game money [For all faction members]
  • $200,000 in-game money [For the player that presses the button]
  • A limited edition RAIDER tag [For all faction members]
  • All the loot that lies inside the chests that are in the base. [The player/s that get into the base, get to raid it]
  • +100 Faction power boost [goes to the FACTION not the individual player...]
  • permission for the /fly command (for the player that pressed the button first)

This is provided the server is online for the date, otherwise I will change the date to a later time. Keep a close eye on the new event countdown timer! Located at the right side of the website -->
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