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Hey everyone!
Thought it might be time to give back to the community and do a give away. There was a lot of suggestions put towards it but most people requested a direct $25usd PayPal giveaway instead of things like Steam gift cards etc. This way the winner can choose how they want to spend the money. I plan to do more give aways in the future as this wont be the only one! Below you can find out how to enter.

What better way to promote our social media accounts then to do a give away so here's how to enter!​
  1. Follow us on twitter then like and re-tweet our latest post! (https://twitter.com/VenomPvP_)
  2. Add us on snapchat (Venom.PvP) and send a snapchat telling us how badly you want to win!
  3. Like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/VenomPvPOfficial
  4. Leave a comment on this thread with your IGN and how you would spend the money!
If you dont have a paypal account, Dont worry! We can instead make a purchase for you on what you would like to spend the $25 on such as a steam game, Amazon purchase etc.

The winner will be announced Sunday! Please make sure you have done all the steps above to ensure you win!

Thanks everyone!
~ RoyalRaid​

Hello everyone!
The main focus for this weeks update was to make improvements to PvP in anyway we could. I'd personally like to thank everyone who also participated in last weekends PvP maze event. Proved to be quite a challenge and was a lot harder then expected. More info on that event can be found in the previous announcements section. I've also created a thread in general discussion where you can suggest some Event ideas!
Here is a list of things that's been worked on this week:
  • Removed player balances from ftop value
  • Fixed PvP areas around spawn where players could kill each other
  • Fixed up custom tags on store, It would display placeholders such as {color} before the tag
  • Fixed spawn location when logging out in enemy territory, used to be sent to random spot in spawn, now you will spawn exactly at /spawn
  • Changed the price of max bounty from 10k to 1mil
  • Fixed players winning $100 instead of $100k in the common crate
  • Major improvements to pot lag, has drastically improved
  • Added some more sections to /features GUI
  • Improvements to knockback whilst in PvP, Should feel a bit more like 1.7 pvp
  • Double voting rewards is now enabled! Receive double the rewards per vote!
May Top Voters:
1st) ImLovin ($30 store credit)
2nd) ET_Pulz ($25 store credit)
3rd) SenpaiNoticeMeh ($20 store credit)
4th) MLG_TBNRfrags_ ($15 store credit)
5th) Rhorton14 ($10 store credit)

To claim your Top voter prize please contact Any of the admins or myself!
Thank you to those who continue to vote everyday and support the server as it doesn't go unnoticed. I apologize for the lack of fixes this week as bug reports usually slow down after the second week of updated. I'll start to focus on new content instead!

Thanks everyone!
~ Venom Staff Team

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