Hey everyone,
I would like to get back into the routine of writing weekly update logs as it shows the progress that we are making each week and gives the community a chance to see whats being worked on and whats been fixed. I'd like to start by thanking everyone in joining the return of Venom after the downtime over the last 1-2 months. With the common complications of a few issues, like any reset, we've managed to get them all fixed asap without them becoming a huge deal. I'd like to also announce that due to the genbucket issues that we had this week, we've decided to push the TNT enable period to Friday instead of Wednesday to give everyone a bit more time to work on their base!

I've compiled a list of things that have been fixed since Saturday! Here they are:​

  • Fixed tab showing the wrong year for last reset date
  • Fixed a issue in store where players weren't receiving their 10x legendary key purchases
  • Fixed voteparty crate not giving bullsnake kit
  • Fixed genbucket chunk issue which would cause the server to crash when being overloaded with base building in the end by players
  • Fixed the custom enchant issue, You should now receive potion effects for your enchants. If you have a book with a blue title, ask a staff member to exchange it to a new book (green title)
  • Fixed faction member cap, Was set to 20 instead of 30
  • Fixed a issue where players couldn't place farming hoppers in the end or nether
  • Fixed Ally and Faction chat displaying random letters before their message
  • Fixed a issue where players couldn't see BossMob loot
  • Fixed common crate rewards showing epic rewards instead
  • Removed PvPTimer plugin as it was causing some issues with new players
  • Blazes no longer get cleared in entity clears
  • Fixed koth schedule showing last map's koths
  • Removed the msg saying "You need to be Anaconda Rank" when typing /pv 2
  • Removed 10 second warmup from /fix all and /fix hand
  • Fixed players sometimes getting kicked for "Too many packets"
  • Removed permission for Party tpall as it bypassed combat tag
  • Blaze spawners should now properly calculate for ftop value
  • Bans page on the forums is now working again, had some database issues after moving to new hardware
  • Fixed supplycrates giving venom keys, not legendary keys
  • Tweaks to anti-cheat to stop throwing false positives on players that were playing legit
  • Allowed your faction members to use [sell all] chests that people with permission have placed. This will not give them access to create sell all chests, only use them.
  • Sand gen buckets added back to /shop
  • Blocked users being able to use /wild in the FPS arena as they would be sent into the void and killed
  • Made changes to BossMob loot to balance the tiers. Boss mobs are now different monsters, They deal more damage and have more health!
  • Fixed the mine in spawn, Was parts where you couldn't mine
  • Added "Venom PvP" text outside of spawn, above warzone
  • Fixed Wings being able to be obtained in all Enchant tiers, Can now only be found in legendary

We are still aware of many other bugs that need fixing and we'll continue to work on those in coming days! I ask for you all to be patient as we work to resolve these issues!
To hype things up a little we have some more youtubers on the way and a streamer this weekend so be sure to gather your fac members attend as TNT will be enabled this weekend!​


Hey Explorers!

Its finally that time again! I know most of you have been eagerly awaiting the release of this map, and I apologise for how long this process has taken. It was my intention to release sooner, however, it took much longer than I had originally planned.

As many of you already know, I've recently promoted one of our staff members to the rank of senior-mod. @v1point0 will be handling most of the day-to-day in-game issues, assisting with hosting weekly/bi-weekly events and helping to maintain a hacker-free community. @kiwiifruit has also given the role of a PURE Chat-Moderator. I have also acquired five new staff members. @HolyAvocados, @FreePremium, @ValiantPvP, @BerserkPvP and @InfernalNova_ will be the new trial-mods.

I'd like to thank everyone who has played and continues to play on Venom, whether you stuck around until the end or left mid-map.

Before we get to the actual reset announcement, I'd like to apologise that we were not able to announce the top 3 factions to receive their prizes due to constant duping.

Without further delay, I am happy to announce the upcoming Venom release...

What will reset:
- The Map
- Player Balance
- Player Homes
- Inventories, Enderchests & Vaults
- McMMO Credits
- McMMO Levels
- Bans [Blacklisted Players may Appeal]

What will not reset:
- Ranks
- Tags
- Kits
- Perks
- Faction Powerboost

Map 14
May 13, 2017 @ 1PM EST (5PM GMT, 10AM PST)


As with our previous resets, we've chosen a time and day that is acceptable for all of our major timezones across North America and West Europe.

Unlike our previous maps, where there have only been /f top rewards for the top 3 factions; the /f top rewards have been changed. At the end of the map, the top 5 factions will receive the following amount of store credit:
  1. $300 - PayPal
  2. $150
  3. $75
  4. $50
  5. $25
Reset Sale
A 80% reset sale is in effect from now until the May 13th. After that, the sale will be downgraded to 60% and then continue on for about a week into the map, at which point the sale will expire. The exact end date for the map sale is still to be determined.

The Map
We will continue to have an Overworld, Nether and End world, however, this map we will be changing things up a little with the ability to get to the End and Nether biomes.

You will no longer be able to /warp to the End. Instead you will have to travel to the co-ordinates provided in the "Void Forest" within the Spawn Warzone. CORDS: x: -338 z: 350

The borders for the worlds are as follows:
  • Overworld: 7.5k
  • Nether: 2k
  • The End: 2.5k
To give everyone a fair chance to build their whole base, TNT will be disabled for the first week of reset. Click here for a countdown link.
Claiming Corners:
In the past we've had a single faction claiming all 4 corners in the Overworld and the End. This map the following rule will be enforced for 24 hours upon reset.

Each faction will only be able to claim 1 corner.

Rules relating to "Bitch Claims" will also be enforced.
(Click to view)

Custom Enchantments
We have decided to add a decent amount of Custom Enchants to enhance the Factions experience. (/ce) Keep in mind enchants that effected PvP were not added as to prevent dramatic unfair advantages while PvPing.

Couple examples of tiers -
  • Common:
    • AutoSmelt - Has a chance to auto smelt ores and give more ingots.
    • Experience - Has a change to give 2x or more XP from ores.
  • Rare:
    • Guards - Spawns in Iron Golem's when you are in trouble.
    • HellForged - Has a chance to regenerate durability while you walk.
  • Legendary:
    • Blast - Breaks blocks in a 3 x level x 3 radius depending on the power of the enchantment.
    • Wings - Allows you to fly in your own faction territory.
Additional Changes
  • Sharp V added back to the Anaconda Kit
  • Players will no longer receive damage from a TNT explosion
  • The [Sell All] store perk has been fixed and has been added back to the store for purchase
  • Added Sand GenBuckets to store, Can be found in the same area as Cobble GenBuckets in the /shop
  • You can now instantly break sponge by punching it
  • The size of the FPS arena has been reduced and added repair signs
  • Iron Golems no longer drop poppies improving the efficiency of hoppers
  • New custom TNTFill plugin which is much more efficient
  • Added a PvP time for new players. They will receive 30 minutes of protection. Can be disabled with /pvp enable
  • Factions Plugin:
    • Faction names now appear with their relation colors
    • Reduced member limit to 30
    • Allowed the use of faction commands in combat!
  • The [item] now has a 30 second cool-down to stop people spamming and abusing it
  • Buffed Voting prizes
  • Disabled the annoying McMMO bleeding ability
  • Patched some new found dupe methods
  • You will now receive a range of potion effects when someone donates
  • Improved chances of winning tier 3 loot in the KOTH crate
  • Removed Duel feature in hopes to bring more PvP to the Warzone
  • New money pouches added to store. Read store description for more info!
  • New Boss mobs is a new way to get some loot. Read store description for more info!
  • New feature added to Anaconda which allows you to convert hoppers to the new "Farming hoppers". Use /ConvertHopper. Once converted the hoppers will automatically pickup fallen items such as Mob loot from a grinder of cactus from a farm. This will save the need to create water streams to transport to a hopper like usual.
  • Removed Tokenshop as no-one seemed to use it and it was causing a lot of server side issues with poor code.
  • Removed the pesky /home and /kit GUI. They are now the original chat msgs instead.
  • Added a new weekly kit to the explorer rank!
  • Added a new "Daily Rewards" NPC at spawn which will let you collect better rewards each day you play on the server. Visit him at spawn each day to collect your reward. Rewards will be changed every few weeks
  • New Faction Top plugin which updates /f top value almost instantly!
  • Reverted back to our old rollback plugin with new added features to make things a lot simpler and much more efficient. Rollback logs will be purged once a week as SQL corruption was a issue of the past.
  • New /Wild features. You no longer will be spawned in water or be teleported within the warzone.
  • Removed the broken /staff, /list GUI. Its now a simple chat message!
  • Entity clears will no longer remove Emerald, Diamond, Gold and Iron ores or blocks. It will also no longer removed spawners, keys and thrown enderpearls. Also increased the entity clear interval from 5 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Removed the &k formatting from tags to help clean up chat a bit.
  • Explorers now have access to /echest and /workbench
  • Added a alias for /stackpotions - /stackpots
  • Added title msgs to restarts as some players complained chat msgs weren't visible enough
  • Faction chests added to store. Read the store description for more information!
  • Removed the chat auction plugin as it was never really used when /ah was implemented.
  • Hit detection work and AC tweaking has been made. Nowhere near where we would like to see it. Will be continuously worked on. Also working on 1.7 client support. Expect to see in future updates!
  • Removed the trade plugin - To allow for scamming which is a part of factions; to become more prevalent then it has been previously.
  • Cleaned up staff chat formats. Introduced a new "Chat-Mod" rank.
  • Blocked the use of /ecreatehome, /esethome and /createhome to help with future region proofing. Please use /sethome instead.
  • Removed all mob types from stacking to improve farm efficiency, Blazes are the only ones that stack.
  • Replaced venom crate with 3 tiers instead (Common, Epic and Legendary).
  • Removed the combat and mcmmo scoreboard from auto appearing as it can become quite intrusive.
Of course there will be more changes and additions to this list as we finish up on working before release! Don't forget that there is a 80% off discount on all purchases made before map release so be sure to get perks for a cheap price.
See you soon!​
Hey everyone,
At this point in time Venom will be inaccessible to the public. We feel it is only necessary to update everyone on what is actually happening and the discussion that is happening within the team. We want to bring something completely unique to Venom, Something that isn't rushed and the constant repetition of map resets with nothing new. We are expanding in areas that we aren't motivated in which has caused quite a backlash on the community.

We've opened up areas of Venom which don't seem to fit and something that we don't see progressing in the future. Personally I want to focus on my strong points which is within the Factions gamemodes. After introducing new gamemodes it has divided the community and directed the Server to something we aren't interested in nor motivated towards.

Obviously there is a lot unsaid, but to jump to the point we are discussing to return Venom as just a Factions server, Like to the good old days. This will include the removal of Skyblock and Cannon and the hub aspect and making things much simpler. We feel we need to take two steps backwards before we can move forward to bigger things. By implementing this change we can focus solely on Factions which is our most popular gamemode, We can work on new features that have been held off to work on other updates for different gamemodes.

None of this is final at this stage as we want to hear your opinions first!
We want to focus on bringing Venom back to its all time glory and we hope you can appreciate our directional input for the Network.

~ Matt​