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Hey everyone!
I'd first like to start this thread by thanking everyone for a successful launch after the reset. Can definitely say it went a lot smoother then last map. Over the past 2 weeks playerbase has grown quite a bit and starting to peek at 160-180 players globally with our ad currently running. With the increase of new players there has been a increase of donations which will hopefully allow us to have a cycle of ads each month and grow to limits Venom hasn't seen before. Bidding will restart in a few days and I plan on bidding once again :). I hope everyone is enjoying Venom so far and if you are please leave some positivist in the comments!

As we all know Christmas is just around the corner and to celebrate I'd like to offer a 60% off store sale until January first! I hope you all stay safe over the Christmas break and enjoy spending time with your families!

Here is a small update log of some fixes in the last few days! Thanks everyone!
Also plans of perhaps a new gamemode being features soon, let us know what gamemode you like in the comments below!!​

Staff Promotions:
  • Rhadagast
    • New Staff Member
  • VenomSkyGaming
    • New Staff Member
  • 3x3 Enchant; Fixed people not receiving 3x3 Enchant token. Had a issue where the command wouldn't send via console.
  • No Fall; Fixed a issue some players were having where they couldn't toggle NoFall damage.
  • Combat; Disabled /Trade & /Auc in combat
  • Speed Pick; Removed the per player limit on the speed picks in store!
  • [COLOR=rgb(0, 255,...
Hey everyone!
Hope you all can make it to todays release! Me and the staff team have worked hard to bring you guys the best experience we can offer. We have heavily worked with the dev team over the past few weeks to develope something quite unique. We have focused on patching annoying small bugs and overall just giving everyone a enjoyable experience. Below i will announce the ftop, baltop and is top winners for last season! This will be a new thing we do after each reset for the chance to win some big store vouchers! I will also be announcing some more updates we have implemented in the last 24 hours to the new releases! Hope you all enjoy!

Skyblock winners:
  • Lvl top: pinkgirl97 - 432135 - $100 store coupon
  • Bal top: Pramsing - $4,290,838,553 - $50 store coupon
Faction Winners:
  • Ftop: BSC $1,066,260,558 - $100 store coupon
  • Baltop: LNDinizJR - $200,053,337 - $50 store coupon
Please msg me on skype: VenomPvP to redeem your coupons. For ftop and istop winners the coupon will be given to the leaders and they are the ones who decide if they want to split it with their members.

More Updates for factions:
  • Creepers - Creepers will now have a 1/5 chance of dropping TNT. They will still drop gunpowder as normal
  • Virtual Anvil - We had a virtual anvil plugin coded for venom, This perk will be given to Venomous and Anaconda ranks. Use the command /vAnvil to open a virtual anvil
  • Sponge plugin - We have a new sponge plugin in development, it wont be released today, but perhaps in one of the update logs which will fix a lot of faction compatabilities.
  • Christmas Quest - Added a christmas quest to factions and skyblock, find all the presents and earn rewards while you do it!...
What to know about upcoming features to venom!

Hey everyone!
I want to start this post by showing my support in the growth of the community. Ads over the last 2-3 months have definitely helped playerbase numbers and its really showing. Some may feel that this reset came way too late but most of you were use to map resets every month before I took over ownership and I feel like that just wasn't necessary. I wanted to try and make this one last a little longer so you had time to at least enjoy the map instead of worrying about when it was going to reset next.

Im glad to announce that we will have another ad starting on the same day as reset, This will hopefully give the chance for newer players to get things like corner claims and get ahead of the pack like everyone else.

Please keep in mind that Skyblock will also be resetting! We have had many issues but it was to be expected being our first time releasing a skyblock server. We have taken issues into account and will try to fix them for next map.

F TOP WINNERS & Top Island winners
The top players of each server will be announced the day before reset so get going as you will earn you yourself some big store vouchers for you and your faction or skyblock members! Keep in mind that the coupon will be given to the leader of the top faction and top island, it's up to the leaders to choose how they want to divide it

Faction prizes up for grabs:
/ftop winner:
/baltop winner: $50

Skyblock prizes up for grabs:
/is top winner:
/baltop winner: $50


When will factions map reset be?

Map reset will go live on December 8th @ 5pm EST
There is a live countdown you can view @ http://itsalmo.st/#venomreset_pikhl