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Hey everyone,
Sorry for the late post for this thread, as a lot of you know i had to go through some personal issues this past week. If anyone is still confused on how the vote top works at the end of each month i encourage you all to read the September winners thread. Thank you to everyone who continues to vote each day as it does help the server grow! We have also just won another 2 week ad that starts on the 8th so expect even larger growth in the next coming weeks!


Here are the top 3 winners
1st place - $35 store credit
2nd place - $25 store credit
3rd place - $15 store credit!

Thanks everyone
~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Happy voting!
Hey everyone,
I'd like to inform everyone in advance that tomorrow we will be performing a server transfer. This process can be quite lengthy and can take up to 1-2 hours. I've decided to do it during off peek time (4am est time) as it wont effect many people at this time of morning. We are transferring to a new node that has a much faster CPU and double the ram that we have now. This will improve server performance greatly and is the next step to take with the growth rate of our community. During this transfer time all servers will be unavailable to connect to, You may see the server in offline state until your DNS flushes and registers our new IP! Ill be sure to keep everyone update on twitter (@VenomPvP_), I've also made a countdown until we start the transfer which you can find here: http://itsalmo.st/#servertransfer_zatam

Thanks everyone!
~ Matt | RoyalRaid

PS. Currently bidding on another ad for next month! <3
Hey everyone,
Sorry I've been a bit slack on updates, Its becoming more and more harder to find bugs which is a good thing which means i can now start to focus more on new features at the same time. This week we've had some TPS stabilization which id like to focus more on to get things running smooth at all times!. Thank you to all those who continue to flood me with new ideas and things that need fixing as it does make my job a lot easier. Me and Andre have also been hiring new staff members in this update as its necessary for us to do so! Here's what's up:​

Staff Promotions:
  • pinkgirl97
    • New Staff Member
  • Aiya
    • New Staff Member
  • ImLovin
    • Promoted to Moderator
  • Pramsing
    • Promoted to Moderator
  • Mr_UFO
    • Promoted to SeniorMod
  • ItzTrigga
    • Demoted for inactivity
  • Bed Glitch; Found a glitch where beds placed in nether would cause immense lag when trying to sleep in it because they self destruct.
  • FTop; Enderman spawners are now calculated towards faction top value
  • Optimizing; Working on making things run a lot smoother with less TPS drop, Just Optimizing some of plugins that bloat a lot of things.
  • Blaze Rods; Buffed the sell price of blaze rods as they were quite low!
  • Faction Kick; People are now kicked from...