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Hey everyone!
I'm happy to announce that we have won the auction for another ad slot today! This ad will start on the 1st of October and end the 1st of November. Its on a much more popular site but just a bit further down the page. We will have 2 slots running at the same time considering they are on two different voting sites! I'll continue to try and rent more ads as the donation amount grows and hopefully start renting a good amount of popular youtubers. I kinda delayed myself on posting so many update logs in 1 week and just making update logs with the fixes that I've done over a few days! here they are:
  • World Borders; I've upgraded to the physical world borders to help stop people building outside the border and getting into peoples bases
  • Clear Lag; Fixes clear lagg not announcing entity clears and only the countdown
  • F Top; Added silverfish spawners to the /f top value, They are rare since they're are only about 3 in the game
  • Set homes; Explorer rank now has access to set 2 homes instead of 1
  • Entity tracking range; I've changed it so other players disappear after 72 blocks instead of 32. Had issues where it would be hard to find people during pvp if they started running.
  • Tab; I've set explorer rank names to gray in the tab and also cleaned up the donator prefixes, looks a lot neater now
  • Combat scoreboard; Implemented this feature earlier in the week, When you hit someone the scoreboard will switch over to combat mode and show yours and your attackers health
  • Chat Quiz; I've increased the prize of winning chat quiz from 1k to 5k
  • /home; Fixed it where players couldn't do /home in the warzone...
Hey everyone,
I left this update log a few days just so i wasnt spamming the home page with constant updates, here is a list of things i've managed to fix these last 2 days. In this update log there is some new features so its highly suggested you take a read through. If you have any more suggestions or bug reports please report them all on the forums as im quite active here and take all suggestions into account! Heres the list:​

  • Koth fixes, Set the glass in the house to full glass block instead of glass pane as if you were hit into the window gap you would get removed from koth. Also made some nerfs to the loot as it was really too op
  • Crapple fixes, Finally the dev fixed this up for me, The cooldown no longer applies to golden apples, still applies to god apples
  • Nonga's perms, As most of you know the Senior Mod nonga still plays factions unlike most staff members. He has had his TP and social spy permissions removed as he gets called out with fake accusations for abusing.
  • Fast Craft! This is a new feature i've introduced to all the servers on the network, basically its a quick crafting plugin which will give you a list of items you can craft with the items you have in your inventory. Its quite useful and makes craft so much faster, if you still enjoy normal 3x3 crafting bench use /fc toggle
  • Venom Perks, As most of you know venom perks were not being sent to players from crates, this was a issue with our plugin which wouldnt allow console to send it to players, has since been fixed and venomperks are now enabled again in crates
  • Supply Drops, Nerfed the amount of gapples you recieve in supply drops, it was really OP
  • Hub Kick, Have been investigating the issue of being...
Hey everyone!,
Its finally time to announce new arrivals to the Venom staff team, This has been long overdue but sad to say its very hard to find good candidates suitable for the role as staff members, We welcome back pramsing to the team as he has been staff for venom in the past and has done a great job, He will start as Trial-Mod and work his way up just like everyone else. I please ask you that you show respect to these new staff members as much as you would to any of the others. To anyone who didn't make it this time around please don't hesitate to apply again when we start hiring, We are constantly looking for new staff members and who knows, next time it might be you! Just stay active, help others out and don't be toxic, that will give you the highest chance of becoming a part of the staff team here at Venom! Without further ado, here are the new staff members!​

Pramsing (Prevoius staff member)
ItzTrigga (New to the team!)
???? (coming in the next week!)

~ Matt | RoyalRaid
~ Andre | Kyouma​