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Hey everyone,
I'd like to write this post in regards to what went down yesterday. I wanted to hold off writing this post till I 100% knew it was fixed as we had more issue later on after I fixed it the first time. Basically what happened was one of the servers had a memory leak which had built up over time. This caused the server to max it self out performance wise and start doing stupid stuff like overwriting files which is why things like playervaults and mcmmo reset themselves because they are constantly being updated. The only way we could fix it is revert to one of our automatic backups, I managed to be able to only rollback some plugin files on factions so not much was affected map wise, can't say the same for skyblock as it works different to factions, it was rolledback completely to about 6am est. time. I do apologise for this mishap and since put caps in for each server to prevent this happening again.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support as we work to make Venom a better place!
Expect some big things to come <3

~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Important Au factions server
Hey everyone,
As this doesnt refer to most of you i'd still like to make this post in regards to the Aus factions server. Unfortunatly hosting plans in australia are about 5x the cost of US hosting, Its hard to upkeep a server that doesnt make nearly close to the hosting amount each month setting back progress for the US server. For those who purchased ranks on AU, there wasnt many of you but 90% of those who did have already been dealt with and were happily given store credit to spend on the US server. Majority of the AU community i had planned went on to play other games or servers which made it pretty rapidly decline in players, lacking my motivation to work on it as US is kind of my priority. Sorry to do this on such short notice but there will be no more AusFacs server, This will not effect the main server in anyway just informing everyone of these changes.

Thank you everyone <3
~ Matt | RoyalRaid

Hey everyone,
This week has been quite successful reaching new player peeks of around 60-70. Im hoping this increase stays with more ad purchases. Thank you to all of those who have supported the server by voting and donating as it does really help us get to where we want to be. Since packages are so popular on the store right now ill keep the 50% off sale. I'd like to also introduce some new staff members to the team as we have a high demand for staff members right now.​
Staff Promotions:
  • IMlovin
    • New Staff Member
  • FixAll; When using /fix all now you need to have the armour in your inventory for it to repair, It will not repair the armor you're wearing. This was due to the huge disadvantage it brought to others in PvP
  • No Cheat; Updates made towards our no cheat and block interaction. Might of had something to do with the way it interacts with McMMo. Should be a lot smoother for things like mining now
  • New Pick; We've added a new pick to the store. When mining or digging, you excavate in a 3x3 radius instead of just 1x1. There is also an option to toggle this feature by sneaking.
  • Crates; Buffed rewards for twitter and vote crates. Much more reasonable now
  • Warp PvP; Fixed people being able to shoot bows from anywhere in /warp pvp
  • Kit Potions; I've made the speed potion in the potions kit speed 2 instead of speed 1
  • Koth; Fixed the koth pre-announcement saying 30 minutes when really there was only 5m to go
  • Duel Kits; I've made the pot kit have speed 2 drinkable...