Hey everyone!
This is quite a important update log so i suggest you take the time to read through the whole thing, There is quite a lot of significant changes and a lot of bug fixes! I'll separate this thread into 3 sections, the first part i would like to address Pumpkin farms, in the second section ill talk about this weekends Raid Event away then the third section will be the change log!

Pumpkin Farms:
For those who are familiar with pumpkin farms they will know how much it impacts server performance, It can dip a server's TPS to quite low if a whole heap of players start to build bud farms. Bud farms are essentially automatic farms that use pistons and redstone to automatic harvest the pumpkin. During this procedure farms can start to grow quite large and it only starts to impact the server more and more, this was a issue on skyblock last map but since making it against the rules to create bud farms we have had a stable 20TPS since and it has definitely showed improvements in overall server health. From this point on bud farms will be against the rules for Factions, we want to focus people more towards grinding and cactus farming as they don't effect the server as much as pumpkin farms. Now I know what some of you are saying right now "We can't build big cactus farms without fly!!", XP-Fly is implemented into this update for everyone, read more info in the change log! It's suggested you remove your farms or it will be done by a staff member in coming days!

Raid Event:
The way this raid event is going to work is by having a base that is 25 chunks long, everyone will be cannoning into the same base which is going to include a total of three floors.

The three floors is going to be what judges the prize.
Floor One Y: 20 -100 (1x IronGolem spawners + 3 Venom keys)
Floor Two Y: 100 - 200 (3x IronGolem spawners + 5 Venom keys)
Floor Three Y: 200 - 255 (5x IronGolem spawners + 10 Venom keys)
Winners will also receive the Raider tag

Bigger the cannon, better the prize. First one to breach the level wins the prize.
Meaning there can be 3 winners, 1 prize per level!

  1. Interfering with other factions cannons is not allowed​
  2. No PvP​
  3. Schematica with printer is allowed​
  4. Faction claims can only be made within your area, If you exceed, you will be asked to remove some claims by a staff member​
  5. TNT and items will not be provided, you will need to bring your own supplies!​
  6. Auto cannons are NOT allowed​
Base information:
Watered reverse layers
60x cobblestone walls
1x obsidian wall
Triple block obsidian filter
Base wall
1x Sand Wall


The raid event will be held this saturday at 7pm EST Time.
A live countdown can be found below

  • Warp Mob- Players no longer take damage within the /warp mob pit, Had a small issue with regions but has since been fixed!
  • GenBuckets - Major improvements to Genbuckets has been coded, Players shouldn't get kicked anymore for "phase" whilst generating walls
  • Shop - Small changes have been made to shop such as nerfing pumpkin price to focus more towards cactus farming, Cactus sell price has been fixed as it was displaying incorrect sell price
  • Potions - Potions located at the exits of spawn were selling for the wrong price, They have been matched to the sell price in /shop
  • Teamspeak - Teamspeak has had a overhaul with a new layout and permissions for staff!
  • Global Chat - In public chat faction prefixes now display correct coloring for Allies and enemies
  • Pigman - Pigman no longer get cleared from entity clears
  • Potion splash - Fix an issue in /duels where players weren't able to use splash potions within any of the arenas
  • Enemy logoff - Fixed up the plugin that automatically sends people to spawn after 60 seconds of logging off in enemy territory, If you log back in within 60 seconds you wont be sent back to spawn!
  • Repair Signs - Changed the price to repair at exits around spawn, it's now $2500 instead of $5000
  • World Borders - Fixed a issue where people could enderpearl through world borders
  • XPFly - You can now spend XP to fly on the server, Use the command /xpfly to enable it. For every xp level you will get around 50-60 seconds of flight time. This will be available to everyone. For those who already purchased /fly you will have the ability to fly for unlimited amount of time at no XP cost, Use fly as you would normally. This feature is still new so report any bugs or issues you may be facing along with any complaints.
  • TAB - Staff ranks are displayed properly now in TAB instead of just displaying "staff"
  • /Creeper - Finally fixed /creeper not spawning a creeper properly, Works as it should now with currency support
  • Sugarcane - Removed the plugin that puts sugar cane straight into your inv until the mcmmo fix is coded by our dev!
  • Valentines - Remove Valentines crate from warp crates
  • Request Help - You can now request staff members help with /helpme <msg>
  • Iron worth - Decreased the value of Iron for island level since it was overpowered and you could level up faster using iron then any other ore.
  • New perks - New items have been added to the store including /fly, Speed Pick, Miner enchant, Pets and tags! All these were highly requested!
  • Mob Stacking - Chickens and Iron golems no longer stack!
  • Sethomes - Fixed a glitch where donator ranks didn't have access to all their sethomes
  • Egg selling - You should now be able to sell eggs with /sell hand as you couldn't before
  • Clear Lag - Clear lag now displays the amount of entities that were removed after the countdown
  • Anticheat - After thorough testing on factions the new anticheat has been implemented on skyblock
  • Voting - You will now receive diamonds for voting! 4x per vote link
  • Valentines - Remove Valentines crate from warp crates
  • Shop - There has recently been some new found money making opportunities, Tweaked shop prices to make sure its not over powered

Thank you to everyone that continues to report bugs when they find them as it really does help make venom a better place to play on! If you have any issues, Please feel free to leave them in the comments or post them in the bug or suggestions area! I do apologize that this thread was posted late, We had a few request for the dev that took longer then expected!

~ Venom Staff Team
Hey everyone, Over the last 2 days the server has been through a lot and has really tested me to my full capabilities. As most of the faction players know Hit detection has been really bad this reset as well as finding and patching a dupe bug! Thank you to all those who find the time to report these bugs to make sure they are resolved ASAP. Here is a list of things that have been fixed since last update!
  • Anti-Cheat- A lot of work has been put into the anticheat over the last couple of days, we have also purchase a addon which will stop further help stop hacks such as auto armor, Freecam, Inventory hits etc. Please note we arent fully finished with anything yet as there is still a lot of work to do! You also wont get kicked anymore!
  • GenBuckets - We are working alongside the developer of our GenBucket plugin to help resolve some chunk loading issues, We have solved half the problem but still being worked on in coming days!
  • Hit detection - As most pvpers would of experienced since release was the poor hit detection when trying to hit another player in pvp. We have made tweaks to anti-cheat as we found that was the issues, @Nonga has helped extensively test this and the results are amazing.
  • Slime blocks - We have enabled slime blocks in the nether as pvp planes arent much of a issue
  • F who - When displaying another factions info you will now see offline players as well now
  • Staff plugin - Our custom staff plugin has had some changes to it such as when frozen by a staff member the player is protected from any damage, Another addition was making it spam you if you tried to move telling you are frozen as it was hard before to recognize if you were lagging or frozen.
  • Dupe Bug - As some of you may of experienced there was a dupe bug, i wont go into to many details but it was quickly resolved within 20 minutes, we had the developer on as soon as it happened and he managed to code a fix within minutes. I apologize for the short down time during that period
  • Spelling errors - Not really that important but just fixed up some spelling errors on things such as announcements, Crates etc.
  • Store - Added into the description of Keys, Money, Speed pick etc. That they are only one time items and you don't get them returned after a reset as some players were a bit confused
  • Borders - Stopped people being able to enderpearl outside borders

  • Lava flow - Made increase to the flow speed of lava to help with cobble gens, Let me know if it still needs increasing as there was only minor changes made
  • Minecarts - Minecarts no longer gets removed from clear lag as it did frustrate some people
  • Stats - Added a new player head at the spawn point which displays the person with most amount of challenge completions

New Staff Members

Rhadagast - Inactivity

ImLovin - Mod>SnrMod
csPsycho - Trial>Mod
Paige_Leee - Trial>Mod
VenomSky - Trial>Mod
pinkgirl97 - Returning as Mod

Expect another update log in a couple of days! We are working endlessly to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible and with your help we can make that happen! If you have any annoying bugs please report them in the comments sections or in the Bug Reports section!
Thanks everyone <3
~ Venom Staff Team

Hey everyone!,
Thought I'd get back in routine and start making update logs again since we have so much to cover! But first I'd like to thank everyone who came and joined for release, it was a successful turnout and we had a lot of positive comments. As you know Venom did go under a revamp so we tried things we haven't before and after such a success i think its something we will do more in the future! Here's some things that have been patched since release!​

  • Ftop - As most of you saw the new plugin has had some issues, All glitches have been sent to the developer of the plugin but in the meantime we have switched to last maps plugin and is fully functional!
  • Venom keys - Fixed a glitch with Koth crate rewards giving the incorrect venom key making players unable to redeem. Has since been patched!
  • Stats - Since we don't really have a designated stats area i have added some pvp based statistics to the /warp pvp area!
  • F who - When displaying faction information you will now see offline members and not just online members
  • Community chests - As some of already seen i've gone ahead and added some community chests to throw some junk in that might be useful to others, these chests are located towards spawn exits.
  • Genbuckets - An issue has been fixed when you would begin to generate a wall with a gen bucket and TP away. It caused the chunk to unload and start to throw server errors causing decrease in performance.
  • Anti-Cheat - We have monitored the anti-cheat for the last 24 hours and have done some research with the information we have found, Many false positives will soon be fixed in upcoming updates!
  • Alias - Have added a /wb command which is short for users that have access to the command /workbench.
  • /Craft - Everyone who had access to /workbench will now also get access to FastCraft using the command /craft
  • Is Top - Has been changed back to text, since most players didn't like the GUI layout.
  • Anti-Cheat - We have monitored the anti-cheat for the last 24 hours and have done some research with the information we have found, Many false positives will soon be fixed in upcoming updates!
Also here is the winners for last maps prizes!

Darkee, $93,273,233.38

Juice, Nonga, $124,853,486


PurityLegacy, $3,920,129,397

PinkGirl97, lvl 816946

Will continue to work on the remaining bugs and upcoming features that we have planned, Report any issues you have in the bug reports section as its very appreciated! Once again thank you to everyone who has been such a big help this reset!

~ Venom Staff Team​