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Venom Update log - Bug fixes
Hey everyone,
Just like to thank those who have reported the bugs, it really does make my job a lot easier when you guys can help find and report those bugs to staff :). As you know, with most resets come bugs, but it was a bit different this reset because we had the addition of 2 other gamemodes which made my job a bit more stressful. Im working endlessly to continue to fix and patch bugs then ill work on releasing new content such as plugins, Just wanna work on fixing stuff before adding new stuff. Heres a list of things fixed in the last 24 hours:​

  • Few errors within the server GUI, have been fixed
  • Fixed scoreboard pinging to wrong factions server for Factions AU
  • Fixed not being able to duel faction members
  • Setup supply crate locations, will now activate every 3 hours
  • Patched people crafting hoppers
  • Fixed water and lava flow, for some reason they were not flowing
  • Removed pvptimer, A lot of requests to move this, Maybe fixed up and re-added in the future
  • Fixed up some shop prices, like iron buy price said $1700 instead of $750
  • Upgraded server memory, forgot to expand it before release. Should run smoother now
  • Fixed mob spawning rates, They were really slow and not spawning properly
  • Disabled nether, Forgot to do so before release
  • Fixed up some shop exploits such as the magma cream
  • Trying to find a fix for the hunger loss bug, will be patched in next update
  • Added a lot of blocks that cant be worldedit such as beds that can cause a huge TPS drop
  • Added //move and //count to worldedit permissions
  • Added obsidian Destroyer so you can test on obby walls

I will continue to push out many more updates...
What to know about upcoming features to venom!

Hey everyone!
I'd first like to start off this post by saying that we have finally won ourselves a ad, I promised you guys and even though it took a little longer then expected, its here! We were lucky to win 5th spot by only a few seconds, then bumped up to 4th slot since the 1st server didn't pay for their ad. This advertisement slot will go live on the 17th of September and will start to bring in a lot of new players!

To help expand the growth rate of venom we are going to give more game mode variety for our players with the announcement of skyblock release & Cannon test server (coming soon). Skyblock will be released alongside the factions map reset on the 17th, we hope you all enjoy and let this be the beginning to something amazing!

Down below is all the information about whats been changed/added or fixed, please take your time to read through as there are some major improvements!


When will factions map reset be?

Map reset will go live on September 17th @ 4pm EST
There is a live countdown you can view @ http://itsalmo.st/#venommapreset_ycc5g

  • Safe Teleport - We have finally found a work around for safe teleport and has now been disabled. Now you wont get those annoying msgs saying you cant teleport because it is unsafe!
  • Supply Envoys - Every 3 hours if there is more then 10 players online, an auto supply drop will be ran in warzone, there are 24 crates to be found so be quick and watch out for others, its kill or be killed!
  • Coin Flip - Bet your own in game money against others in a head/tails coin flip game, To see available coinflips type /coinflip, to create your own game type /coinflip create <bid> <heads/tails>...
Important August top voters!
Hello Everyone! I'd like to thank those who continue to vote every day! At the end of each month id like to rewards those who are on top of the voting!

CBAirforce - 56 ($35 store voucher)
wazasoccer20 - 42 ($25 store voucher)
FortuneVI - 39 ($15 store store voucher)

Votes have now been reset! Vote daily for your chance to win septembers vote vouchers!
~ Venom Staff Team​