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Hey everyone,
If you didnt read the last post about the connection issues being fixed i highly recommend you do. The was my main priority in the last 24 hours so i apologise for not having a update log out soon with these bug fixes. Heres some things i've fixed! I've also inlcuded FactionsAU in this log as its now a part of the network!
  • Fixed chat filter blocking some swear words with ****
  • Added Repair signs to /warp pvp
  • Tweeks to McMMO caps
  • Shop fixes to some sell and buy prices
  • increased pvptimer to 30 seconds
  • Removed chests from Faction territory protected materials
  • Fixed pvp being disabled in warp fps
  • Enabled enderpearls whilst in combat
  • Tweeks to shop prices
  • Tweeks to the fly height plugin, Still a working progress

  • Bans page is now working!
  • Added factions au forum section
  • Gonna start adding these headers to bug reports, looks a bit nicer :)
Keep in mind there is still a lot of work to be done before anything is perfect, let me know if you like these update logs and ill keep making them. I think it does help out quite a bit with keeping everyone informed of changes, but some people think its a bit spammy, let me know what you think in the comments! Another post will be made tomorrow :)

~ Matt | RoyalRaid

Hey everyone,
Ever since release and a bit before that in map 9.0 we have been experiencing dropouts every few hours where the server would completely shut itself off and be down for 30sec-1min then come back again and be all fine for a few more hours. This all started happening when we switched from our last host to improve our protections. I can 100% assure you this was not caused by ddos attacks, We managed to get in contact with the data center which hosts the server in their secure location. It turns out that we had a faulty network cable which was the cause of all the dropouts, So in the last 24 hours they have been testing and troubleshooting the issues and found it to be that, The ping increase last night and issues connecting was them testing stuff and working on it to fix the main problem. Im glad to say that all the connection issues are now resolved, I've tested with a few others before turning the server off whielisted and the connection is flawless, better then ever! Im glad im able to write this post for you guys as this was quite a major and annoying issues, especially in a time like this with our advertisement going on!

Thanks everyone for you're ongoing support! Ill continue to work on fixing more issues
~ Matt | RoyalRaid
Hey everyone!
I'd like to make an official announcement of the release of Aussie factions, The server is located in Australia for best connections for australians, Use au.venompvp.org for aussie connection. You will be able to quickly switch between servers with /hub.

Thanks everyone!
~ RoyalRaid​