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Server Commands (All Players)
Command Description                      Example
 /spawn  Takes you to the spawn point  /spawn
 /who, /List  Shows you the list of staff members online  /who
 /warp  Opens a GUI with warp locations  /warp end
 /bal  Displays your ingame money balance  /balance
 /Vote  Gives you voting links and information  /vote
 /Worth  Displays the sell price of a item  /worth dirt
 /home (name)  Teleports you to save coordinates /home raid1 
 /sethome (name)  Allows you to set coordinates as your home  /sethome raid1
 /pay (name) (Amount)  Pay other players money  /pay max123 1000
 /ingnore (name)  Block messages from chosen players  /ignore max123
 /tpa (name)  Requests to teleport to selected player  /tpa max123
 /rules  Opens a GUI with all the rules inside  /rules
/wild Teleports you to a random location in the world /wild
/msg (name) (msg)  Allows you to send a private message to another player  /msg max123 Hello!
 /f create (name)  Allows you to create a faction  /f create MyFaction
 /f invite (name)  Allows you to invite other players to your faction  /f invite max123
 /f join (name)  Requests or accepts the invitation to chosen faction  /f join OtherFaction
 /f chat (mode)  Allows you to switch between faction, Ally and public chat  /f chat public
 /f leave  Leaves the faction you're currently in  /f leave
 /f top  Shows you the top factions based on assets  /f top
 /f power  Displays your faction power  /f power
 /f map  Displays a map of nearby claims  /f map
 /venom  Opens up a help GUI  /venom
 /donate  Gives you the link to our store  /donate
 /shop  Opens a GUI shop where you can purchase items from  /shop
 /token shop  Brings up a GUI with items you can buy with tokens  /token shop
 /ah  Opens a GUI or items that players are selling  /ah
 /forums  Give you the link to our forums  /forums
 /killstats  Displays your kills and death aswell as your ratio  /killstats
 /realname (nickname)  Displays a players real in game name, not their nickname  /realname PvPMaster
 /teamspeak  Gives you the IP to our teamspeak voice server  /teamspeak

Server Commands (Donators)
Command Minimum Rank Description Example
 /ci, /clearinventory  Python  Ability to clear inventory  /ci
 /echest, /enderchest  Python  Ability to access your enderchest from anywhere  /echest
 /feed  Python  Ability to replenish your hunger  /feed
 /heal  Python  Ability to heal yourself  /heal
 /tptoggle  Python  Ability to toggle teleport requests  /tptoggle
 /workbench  Python  Ability to open a virtual workbench  /workbench
 /back  BullSnake  Ability to teleport back to your previous location  /back
 /ext  BullSnake  Ability to extenguish yourself  /ext
 /hat  BullSnake  Ability to place the item your holding onto your head  /hat
 /nick  Viper  Ability to change your display name in chat  /nick &aPvP&fMaster
 /recipe  Viper  Ability to view crafting recipes  /recipe cake
 /tpahere  Viper  Ability to request plays to teleport to you  /tpahere max123
 /pv (#)  Viper  Ability to access a personal vault  /pv 1
 /ptime  Cobra  Ability to change the time of day you see  /ptime day
 /filltnt  Cobra  Ability to fill dispensers with the tnt in your inv  /filltnt
 /nv, /NightVision  Venomous  Ability to toggle nightvision  /nv
 /fixall  Venomous  Ability to fix tools and armour  /fixall
 /near  Anaconda  Ability to see who is in a 200 radius of you  /near
 /creeper  Anaconda  Ability to spawn a creeper  /crpeer
Aug 29, 2016
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