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Important Rules And Regulations - Last Updated: 3rd Jan 2017

Discussion in 'Information, Guides & Rules' started by RoyalRaid, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Welcome to the official Venom Rules and Regulations thread! You are expected to abide by the following rules and conditions while utilizing any of our services. Failure to comply may lead to a partial or complete restriction to aforementioned services.


    This is in no way an extensive list of all the possible offences that are punishable.
    Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules upon utilizing any of our services;

    - "I didn't know that was against the rules" will not be accepted as an appeal or excuse in any case.
    Warnings are a precaution against clueless new players and do NOT have to be given out against players who clearly know what they're doing.
    Mojang allows any of their accounts to be reclaimed by the original owner using the TID, therefore we do not allow the sale of minecraft accounts on Venom or the Forums. If you purchase a minecraft account and the owner TID's the account back; VenomPvP is not liable for any damages caused.
    Staff retain the right to choose an extended punishment if the player has surpassed the frequency of stated offences.
    Excessive Insulting
    While insults are a part of factions, it's never pleasant to see a chat filled entirely with nasty words and phrases towards other players. Know when to be the bigger person and when to stop.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Mute 6hr
    3rd: Temporary Mute 24hr
    To continually torment a player or staff member after being asked to stop. This includes sexual advances, implications, or references to non-consensual sexual acts.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Mute 6hr
    3rd: Temporary Mute 24hr
    Inappropriate Content
    Any linked content (sexual, pornographic or otherwise) deemed inappropriate for public chat.
    1st: Temporary Mute 24hr
    2nd: Temporary Ban 7d
    Spamming // Excessive Caps
    Messages or characters that are the same or similar in nature being posted in rapid succession into chat. This is also inclusive of any messages in rapid succession.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Mute 1d
    3rd: Temporary Ban 1d
    Disrespect towards Staff
    Being unnecessarily defiant and rude towards staff members.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Mute 1d
    Suicide Encouragement // Filter Evasion
    Statements that can be taken to intend harmful action against another player in real life, joking or otherwise.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Mute 1d
    3rd: Temporary Ban 2d
    4th: Temporary Ban 5d
    Filter Evasion
    Any message that clearly shows the intention to bypass the filter, designed to monitor chat.
    1st: Temporary Mute 1d
    2nd: Temporary Ban 3d
    3rd: Temporary Ban 30d
    Ban Evasion // Mute Evasion
    Logging onto an alternate account and perform actions that you shouldn't be able to due to the punishment. Accounts sharing the same IP's with accounts banned for hacking and/or other negative excessive rule breaking will be considered as alternate accounts. Unless previously declared the separate identities in the household there will be no exceptions.
    1st: Permanent Ban
    2nd: Permanent Ban
    3rd: IP Ban
    Discrimination // Racial Slurs
    The prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, this includes race, sex, beliefs, medical conditions or anything similar for the sake of degradation.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Mute 1d
    3rd: Temporary Ban 2d
    Language in Global Chat
    The only language you are allowed to speak in public chat is English. This is so that our Staff are able to monitor chat correctly. Upon speaking a different language in public chat you will receive:
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Mute 30m
    3rd: Temporary Mute 6hr
    Advertising IP's with or without the intention to divert players to another server.
    1st: Permanent Ban - Appeal
    2nd: IP Ban
    Staff Impersonation
    The changing of /nick's to impersonate staff members.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Ban 3d + Removal of /nick permissions
    Glitching // Association with Glitching
    Abusing any bugs with or without the intention of gaining an advantage from it. This also includes glitching into bases by illicit means.
    1st: Permanent Ban - Appeal
    2nd: Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    The use of hacked clients that gives the player an unfair advantage over others.
    1st: Permanent Ban - Appeal
    2nd: Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    DDoS Threats // DDoS Attacks
    Threats against the server are not tolerated. Threatening to DDoS a player will result in the equivalent punishment. Any evidence presented that a player has DDoS'd another will be met with severe consequences.
    1st: Temporary Ban 1d
    2nd: Temporary Ban 30d
    3rd: Permanent Ban + Blacklist
    Release of Personal Information // DOX
    This is seen as a severe breach of privacy. Releasing personal information without that specific users consent. This includes, last names, social media, address, IP Addresses, etc. You MUST ask the player before releasing any kind of personal details. This is inclusive of threats to DOX and releasing personal information. The Release of Staffs' Personal Information either on Venom or through any other platform will result in a Permanent Blacklist from Venom.
    1st: Permanent Ban - Appeal
    2nd: Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    Donation Scamming (Real Currency)
    Any scam that involves the use of real money is a severe offence. This includes tricking the player into buying a player any item or rank off the Buycraft store in exchange for good(s), after which receiving the purchased item or rank the other player does not receive the agreed upon good(s).
    1st: Permanent Ban - Appeal
    2nd Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    Inappropriate Username // Nicknames
    You will not be allowed to continue on Venom as long as you have inappropriate usernames. This is inclusive of usernames that contain unacceptable racial, religious and ableist terms. Nicknames will be forcibly removed and if there is excessive defiance there will be consequences.
    Choice will be given to either change the username/nick or face the disciplinary action.
    1st: Temporary Ban 7d - Appeal
    2nd: Temporary Ban 30d - Appeal
    3rd: Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    Refusal to ScreenShare
    If asked by a staff member to initiate a screenshare you must comply.
    1st: Temporary Ban 5d - Appeal
    2nd: Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    If you confess to hacking at the beginning of a screenshare:
    1st: Temporary Ban 14d
    If you are found to have an illegal client, it does not matter if you say it is not usable on Venom. Due to the existant of Ghost Clients such as Vape, if there are any traces of Vape when screenshared it will be considered as an offence:
    1st: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    Nether Portal Trapping
    Trapping players in nether portals where they will be unable to escape and which prevents the user from messaging for help is a punishable offence.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Ban 1d - Appeal
    3rd: Temporary Ban 7d - Appeal
    4th: Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    Max Faction Buffer Claims
    The chunk limit is set to 20 in each direction. You must leave a 4 chunk gap (unclaimed) to be able to claim more buffers. The chunk buffer limit starts from the first defence, which would be the first wall of the base. [Link: Example]
    1st: Warning - Requested Removal of Claims
    2nd: Temporary Ban 1d - Claims forcibly removed.
    3rd: Faction Disbanded (If the claims are re-claimed)
    Island Leveling
    The use of Macros, Schematica or otherwise, to increase the speed at which an island level increases; increase the speed at which you can place 'level blocks'.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Ban 1hr
    3rd: Temporary Ban 2d - Island Wipe
    4th: Temporary Ban 5d

    Island Griefing
    The unwanted destruction of another island is a punishable offence.
    1st: Temporary Ban 7d
    2nd: Temporary Ban 30d
    Welcome Sign Trapping
    Trapping players who attempt to spectate your island.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Ban 7d
    Shop Exploit // Duping
    The exploitation of buy and sell signs where there is an unwanted exploit is a serious punishable offence. The duping of items an even more serious offence which will result in lengthy punishments. The extent of the punishment is dependent on the exploit.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Ban 7d + Island Removed
    Island Farming
    Recreating islands to farm starter items.
    1st: Warning
    2nd: Temporary Ban 7d - Appeal
    3rd: Permanent Ban - No Appeal
    The Use of Banned Farms
    Certain types of farms (i.e. Bud Farms, Pumpkin Farms using Block Detection) have been banned to reduce the lag across the servers. Compliance is necessary to allow for all players to get the optimum experience. Defiance will result in drastic actions taken.
    1st: Warning - Requested Removal
    2nd: Temporary Ban 1d - Forcibly Removed
    3rd: Permanent Ban

    Each time a rule is broken the offending user will receive a certain amount of warning points.

    The following thresholds are in place for the warning system:
    5 Points: 5d Ban
    10 Points: 12d Ban

    Troll Posts // Applications // Accounts
    Accounts, posts and applications made solely to cause trouble or waste time will be removed. Senior members of staff reserve the right to determine and define what exactly counts as a "troll" post, application or account. (Unless instructed by a staff member)
    Recreating Locked Threads
    After a member of staff has locked a thread you may NOT re-post them, or similar content for that matter. Applies to removed threads as well.
    Inappropriate Content
    Any content linked or otherwise of sexual, pornographic or deemed inappropriate for adolescents is prohibited. The content will be deleted and the account banned.

    -[ All rules listed above (including server rules) are to be followed while using the forums. ]-
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