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    Hey everyone,
    I'd like to announce that Venom will be returning this month! We had many different plans on where to take Venom. Weather to close down, sell it to someone we didn't know, let someone i know take over management or just continue how things were. In the time Venom has been down all of those have been considered but we think the best thing to do right now is just continue with how things were and make improvements where we can. Venom has a strong community and we don't want that to go to waste.

    The original plans were, Mr_UFO was going to take over with my assistance in the background but unfortunately due to the change of some circumstances that can no longer be arranged. I will be still be in full ownership whilst we build a new team of skilled and professional staff members as that's what had a big impact on Venom. We didn't have role models, Peoples help requests were not being taken care of and the server wasn't being properly maintained. I honestly look forward to seeing those return to Venom as this is a turning point for the future of the server.

    I owe a bit of a explanation for the quick ending of the last season. We were having large issues with our hosting company. Basically to shorten things, our hosting provider closed down with little to no notice. Due to this shitty circumstance we basically lost all of our website files as well as backup files for the server which left me at a point of not being motivated to fix things. We were lucky enough to transfer our dedicated server into my name instead of the providers name which saved us a lot of time and money. With the help of Mr_UFO and our web developer we were able to quickly get the website up again with a new theme. Just thought i owed a explanation as i seen a lot of players ask me in the past few weeks.

    Heres what to expect for Map 16 of Venom PvP.


    Reset Information:
    Live countdown:
    Reset time/Date: October 28th, 2017 @ 1PM EST (5PM GMT, 10AM PST)
    Store Sale: 80% off pre-purchases, 60% off release sale.

    Change log:
    • Custom Enchantments have been completely removed
    • Completely remade the GenBuckets plugin that was causing massive issues last map with Chunk Errors. You can now only place GenBuckets in your own claimed land as well as not being able to place a GenBucket when you are within 50 blocks of an enemy.
    • Updated the scoreboard to now have more useful information and look more aesthetically pleasing.
      The playerlist (also known as tab) has been updated to make it more compact and aesthetically pleasing.
    • The crop growth rates on the server have been quadrupled since last map and are now 4 times faster than they usually are, allowing a faster and better way to farm items. The crops that are affected by this change are: Cactus, Sugarcane, Saplings, Wheat and Netherwarts.
    • Sponges have now been fixed so they will soak any water in a 5x5 area, 2 blocks out each direction from the block (including the block it is placed on) this is solving the issue last map where you had to place Sponge on the inside of water for it to remove any water near it. Sponges now can be instantly broken when placed in your own faction territory however it will not be instantly broken when you are not placing it inside of faction territory (Wilderness). This stops mass amounts of sponge being placed and then instantly picked back up by the player.

    • The economy has been worked on massively and revamped to make sure that it will not be broken easily and quickly like it has on other maps. This means that there will be various ways of obtaining money and get good profit from what you are investing in.

    • Spawners are no longer removed by the entity clear plugin.
    • Upon hitting envoys (supplycrates) during the envoy event all items are transferred into your inventory instead of dropping on the floor to prevent other players stealing your items.
    • TNT has been optimised to ensure the best raiding experience. TNT and Sand now load chunks while they are in their entity form meaning you no longer have to stand at your cannons.
    • HUGE additions to the factions plugin:
    - Added /f owner commands for radius claiming/unclaiming:

    - /f ownerradius <radius>
    - /f ownerunclaim <radius>​
    - Added /f coleader - has the ability to mod players:
    - /f coleader <name>​
    - Added /f warp functionality with passwords:
    - /f setwarp <name> <password (optional)>​
    - Added clickable /f perms for Members, Moderators and Co-Leaders:
    - Place Blocks (Faction Territory)
    - Break Blocks (Faction Territory)
    - Open Chests (Faction Territory)​
    - Increased the size of /f map considerably.
    - Added automatic flight for all players in your territory as well as allies:
    - /f stealth​
    • Created VenomFactionsCore, a compilation of a bunch of features into one plugin:
    - Shockwave and Infusion Pickaxes and Shovels (3x3 & 5x5)
    - Sell Wands
    - Harvester Hoes
    - World Border Patches:
    TNT no longer does damage to blocks behind the border
    Water no longer flows through the border
    No mobs spawn outside of the border​
    - Lava is scatterable
    - Removed TNT Knockback and Damage to players
    - Anti-Bow-Boosting - cancels the bow boosting event
    - Items will not be destroyed by explosions
    - Removed the use of water on spawners and chests. Water will act as an air pocket around them meaning explosions will destroy them regardless.
    - Improved the method used to prevent crafting hoppers which would take your items and then tell you the message. Now, upon attempting to craft a hopper, the slot will not be visible meaning you cannot click to obtain the hopper.
    - Anti Cobweb Defence, no more than 2 cobwebs each y level
    - Anti Auto Cannons, Any AC cannon will be disabled.

    I look forward to seeing you all for the return of Venom. Staff Apps are now open so please feel free to upload your applications using the correct format!​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RoyalRaid, Oct 16, 2017.

    1. Declan
      Awesome updatelog, Hyped for release!
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    2. Kyouma
      can someone help me get minecraft on my chromebook? i want to play on venom when i am in school cus i'm bullied
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    3. Kyouma
      seriously though idk how can someone actually help me?
    4. EpidemicDazzle
      School owned chromebook, or your own?
    5. Kyouma
      School owned. What tard would buy a chromebook?
    6. MvpFlapperJacks
      Venom is like that abusive husband that always fucks u up and leaves you dissapointed but you always come back at least for me it is
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    7. LastingClutch
      Will the F top rewards be handed out this reset?
    8. Nonga
    9. Kyouma
      Do what any sane person would do if they were beaten by their husband, leave.
    10. MvpFlapperJacks
      But there are so many people that are actually in those situation that stay and they are pretty sane, call it love
    11. SRCmonster
      1 week away from reset! Would like to see an update list as soon as possible. i would also like to see a pretty much FULL list of things on the server to know what to expect when the big day arrives. @RoyalRaid
    12. MvpFlapperJacks
      I was also wondering if you guys were gonna do any trailers or anything publicity wise because we are going to need some new faces in Venom because the old ones aren't all that pretty
    13. LastingClutch
      ill play to go for F top #2-3-4-5 since #1 won't be given :)
    14. Nonga
      Also because you won't be able to get f top 1 cus ima win it
    15. LastingClutch
      nonga i will use my 1 stacker on you don't make me.
    16. EpidemicDazzle
      That's not what you told me :c
    17. unorganised
    18. dudeguyman
      Im confused, the countdown link is not working for me, what time will it be coming up? preferably from this point, i just need to see the countdown timer, if you're not too busy can you please fix? <3 sorry for any inconvenience
    19. SRCmonster
      heres one i made