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Opening Regards

As this map comes to a close, we're excited to announce new information about Chapter III! Venom's Chapter III will be releasing November 17th 3pm EST and will consist of crucial fixes to the server's economy, raiding mechanisms, and PvP. We're grateful for all the players who stuck with us through the issues and we're planning a much smoother season this time around. Without further adieu, let's get into the changes you'll be seeing next map!

Changes in Management

Firstly, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Javid. I've ran numerous faction servers in the past and I'm hoping to apply my experience to Venom so we can have a truly epic map this season. Secondly, I would like to mention that permanent developers has come aboard the team. This means we will have someone to fix bugs & issues the moment they arise. New additions to management include Javid, as owner, Xevyrll, U_fo, and Gatt as Developers, and Moddo, as Community Manager. Unfortunately, iFoure,
Etawn, and DoctorSimple won't be joining us on Chapter III. We are extremely grateful for all the hard work they've put into Venom's maps. We are ecstatic to announce SettingFires has been promoted to Admin and VariousCrafter has been promoted to Staff Manager. Staff applications will be open and they're encouraged so we have sufficient staff members for Chapter III.

Notable Changes

After consulting the community, there's a few crucial changes we'd like to make. However, please keep in mind that we will not be dicussing all of the features let alone the coolest ones. We would like to announce these features when the server releases. The following notable changes are:
↳ The economy will be based on Cactus, not Cooked Beef anymore
↳ 24/7 Outposts around the warzone
↳ Flawless anticheat will be implemented
↳ Cannoning mechanics are fixed
↳ Runes will be adapted into PvE Custom Enchants
↳ Crates will be replaced by Cases
⇉ Tons more new features & gameplay adjustments we're keeping secret until launch!

Follow Us

We'll be hosting giveaways before the upcoming release where people can win exclusive ranks, one of a kind items, and other unique prizes. Stay tuned for a seriously epic trailer coming soon too. Follow us below:


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