Staff Application Format

First, the staff team would like to thank you for reading the format and we want to wish you the best of luck at applying!
Please copy and paste the format below, failure to follow this EXACT format will result in your application being DENIED.

Official Staff Application Format:
IGN (Please include a NamcMC link):

Discord (Name and #tag):

Do you have a Microphone?

Do you have a Recording client?

Quality of spoken English:



Have you ever used a hacked client on Minecraft Factions?

Do you have any knowledge on how to screenshare and find ghost clients/ modified forge mods etc?

Do you have any past moderation experiences? If so, how can you use that on VenomPvP? (Example: What servers/responsibilities you had)

Amount of hours you are able to commit to staffing on average:

Why do you want to be staff on VenomPvP and what can you bring to benefit the staff team?

Why should we choose you over a different applicant?

If you could change/improve one thing on this server what would it be and how?

Favourite moment on VenomPvP?

Have you ever made a big mistake? How did you deal with it? Did you learn anything?

Tell us about yourself! (Hobbies, Outside Job, Leadership experiences, etc)

Have you made any previous applications on any server? If so when was the last date?

Do you prefer to work alone or with other people?

Do you know how to enable 2 Factor Authentication?

Anything else you would like the staff team, or others to know?

Different Situations:

As a helper a player is angry at you as the 65% sale is no longer active however another staff member said it was, shouting in chat at you and saying a few rude things along the lines of ‘Stupid staff member!’ What do you do?


Another staff member is saying rude things towards you in #General-Chat in Discord in front of other players for example ‘You can't do your job’ What do you do?


You see a player hacking, the only person who can ban who's online is currently AFK on the server, What do you do?


- Make your application appealing. It counts!

- Really think about the questions!

- Do not message a staff member saying anything along the lines of ‘How long till you are accepting staff applications’ this will only decrease your chances; a crucial part of being a staff member is patience!

- By all means ask players to take a look at your staff application and offer constructional criticism.

- If this application is good enough we will be having a look at how you act in game so be on your best behaviour; be yourself because that's what we will be expecting at all times.