Content creator application

Nov 26, 2018

Discord (Including #): Aari47 5804

Subscriber count:140

Average view count: 70-10,000
What will being Content Creator do to benefit VenomPvP? This will help me because it will encourage me to do more videos and i can have a PG family friendly channel about this server. Obviously ill upload other things but i will definitely upload more now because i just had a break. Also having the rank in game will promote my channel because people will view it and will hopefully tell other people and make my channel grow and let more people come on the server. I will obviously leave the server IP on every video i do on it and promote it. This will also help me with getting subscribers from the server. I will try to make them over 10 minutes (because if it is over 10 it gets promoted on YouTube more) I have confidence that this will make my channel grow especially since the server just reset.

Thank You

How active are you on the server? I play around 5-7 hours a day

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